The Thread of Love

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It's the Hour of Love! In thread form!

The rules are the person above you will, at the end of their post, give a word or topic that you must say only nice things about before you give another word or topic for the person below you.

You may play as many times as you'd like as long as you don't respond to yourself (because that would indicate you are a schizophrenic). Aaaand, go.

Topic: Duke Nukem Forever

Uhh, it was
Uhhhhhmmm, it was finally released!! <3

am i doin it right?


It captures the hearts and souls of children
Literally, and everyone else for that matter.

The SyFy channel

It makes recreating Mystery Science Theater a lot easier by providing the movies.

Michael Bay

He had cool concepts for films (that sadly fell flat)

Wii U!

I step in the right direction for Nintendo!


Coffee's good, try posting things people wouldn't usually have nice things to say about.

For example...

One Direction

It saved the lives of many a college student


In other words hard mode?! Dear God....

You'll always have someone there for you, even if it is yourself!

Call of Duty

Explosions! Lots and lots of explosions!

The ending to ME3...

It made a long and complex story much more easier to comprehend!


They are *yahtzee voice* GREAT AND I LOVE THEM.

Call of duty black ops.

Better than Modern warfare 3!

Glenn Beck

I love how he's on Fox News, so that way I don't have to switch to Comedy Central for laughing

Kristen Stewart

She's not ugly.

Geroge Bush

He did a lot to help out Africa ...That's about all he did that was good


It makes everybody talented!

Rule 34 fan-fics

Somebody out there enjoys them!


The serve as good throwing items for angry mobs, also something about nutrition.

Tommy Wiseau


Fred Durst

I don't know who that is therefore I can't say anything mean about them.


I love saying its scientific name: Brassica oleracea var. Capitata

Baby seal clubbers

They work in the same company as myself!


They are canadians.

Anna Kendrick


A pro-active approach to keeping the species from taking over the world.

Toddlers in Tiaras

It rounds up all the stupid people in one place so I don't have to deal with them.


We have a clearly defined bad guy for all those WW2 FPSes.


I love how they were the punching bag for repetitiveness, until modern day/near future took that particular bag

Bugs and glitches in Obsidian games

They make me appreciate rigorous bug teting.

The Big Bang Theory

It's on televison...

Fox News

It's on television...

Commercial Hummers.

They're roomy


I love how they make sure my money goes to everything and everyone

High school pregnancies

The sex was fun while it lasted!


Is significantly better in Canada because we get Victor Lucas

The stump of a muffin

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