The Thread of Love

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Duke nukem read it.


Spoony made a funny as hell vlog about Breaking Dawn.


You get to play with science!

Grammar Nazis

Make the grammar sucks less.

Bad grammar.

It helps make my friend's list shorter

Day One DLC

I love that I give more money to people so they can dive into their money vaults.

Night long Dubstep session.

Scary is cool right?

The syndicate reboot

I forgot it existed!

Alien vs Predator franchise.

If I remain ignorant of this then I cannot say anything. Ignorance is bliss.






It lets the government exist?

The government...

It gives tax breaks every once in awhile

Internet Explorer

If you have Firefox or Chrome, you can use it as your porn site!

Expensive porn

At least they put quality into it unlike some others.


Spiders are cool, THEY ARE!


Reminds me of the Terminator.

Blood clots

Kill Jackasses every once in awhile

Being stabbed

Better than being burned alive!

Dying slowly.

Lots of time to contemplate life.

Being electrocuted.

You'll probably live

Dying alone

No inheritance to pass on to those ungrateful kin!

College Applications

they let you into college

Being crucified

Look at it this way, you have an more interesting death than the regular plain old death like old age or getting shot like everyone else has.

Filling out an application form.

It kills time until I go to sleep


Relaxation time at its best!

System Failure

I like shopping for new computers.


They can pass for regular people without their costumes

Having blood dumped on you during prom

I gain psychic powers and exact my revenge!

Being in a cheesy horror film

Something to laugh about years later.

Death sentence.

You have time to escape

Death Penalty

It gives people a reason NOT to kill/rape

Ripped pages from books

Adds mystery!

Textbooks in terrible condition.

At least it show support for the enviroment to keep using them than to fork out new one meaning more trees to cut down!

Power outage

Makes you learn to live without electricity!


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