The Thread of Love

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Drunken Anarchy in action

Being TPed on halloween

Free toilet paper!

Healthy food on Halloween

It's healthy for a reason and no tooth decay!

Family Guy.

The good jokes are generally really good.

Having to use a dirty public bathroom.

I can get free immunizations to horrible diseases!


You get to spend your last moments floating peacefully!

Pooping your pants in a haunted house.

Makes for a humorous story!

Run out of bacon!!!

I can appreciate other breakfast foods more now.

Rainy days.

Free water from the sky

30 shades of grey

It gives me new things to try on a call girl... IF I HAD ONE

Broken condoms

I know not to thrust so hard next time.

Blinded by light.

Pretend I am going to heaven!


I can drink a lot of meds without seeming like I want to get high.

Flying in a rickety ass plane.

It's usually cheaper


A distraction from realizing my pants are gone.


Shows whether you need to study or not!


Goes to shows which people are lawless or not.

Being banned from places you loved to go.

I can start to open my horizons and find new places I've ignored.

John Romero

He's a romero I guess...


Makes insane asylums not useless.

Overpriced stuff.

Makes you see how valuable your money is!


People get jobs rebuilding whatever blew up.

Suicide bombers.

They die for something they believe in!

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

They help parents realize how much they loved thier baby.

Recurring nightmares.

At least you can get used to them,


They certainly employ a lot of hard working people.

Cut for Beiber.

Blood for the blood god!

Julian Assuange.

Everyone but the US loves him.

Big Brother watching you.

Good, I'd hate to become a thought criminal.


a solution to the looming threat of over-population.


Gave us great movies, like "Philadelphia" and "Rent".


They provide food for Mosquito Hawks.

Food Poisoning.

You get to eat free for the rest of your life wherever it was you got food poisoning.


It gave John Romero some more face time

Nicki Minaj

She isn't as bad as Drake and therefore improves his songs.


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