The Thread of Love

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Sometimes they do funny stuff, like getting Kim Jong Un to be Time's Person of the Year

Stephanie Meyer

I HATE YOU, umm ummmmmm she is a good business woman

Call of Duty

Indirectly spawned the golden spunkgarglewewee joke.

Matt Damon.

Saving Private Ryan is awesome, he is the victim of a good running gag on the Jimmy Kimmel show and money that goes to charity is worth the same no matter who donates it.

Seal Clubbing.

It's good batting practice for baby clubbing

The Doritos Taco

Best invention ever if a bit stale sometimes.


Makes OK meta references.

Adam Sandler.

I liked Happy Gilmore as a kid.

The movie industry.

It makes good movies some of the time


It is hard to pronounce, which encourages concentration!


Its always nice to get a package in the mail, it is always exiting.

Pride & Prejudice.

I actually enjoyed most of it. Except the end.

Star Wars prequels.

The red letter media reviews are downright works of genius.

The escapist stopping publication.



You get in shape.

Illegible capcha.

Helping stop flame wars since 193tbrufwglla.

Hail storms.

They're pretty scenic.


You have sex to get it.

Boring droning lecturers.

Either you learn something or catch the sleep of a lifetime.


It gets me off the computer!

Diet sodas

It's funny that my body rejects them by spitting them out of my nose.

Burning your arm.

It will heal and become a funny story some day.

Stubbing your toe.

It gave birth to the "How was your trip?" joke.

corrupted save files.

At least now I can finally do that one thing I wanted to do...

Subzero temps.

That's why they made coats. And coats are awesome.

Game Grumps

Proof that Egoraptor is still alive!


Save time if you have little to spare

Being homeless

Troublesome Lagomorph:
It will heal and become a funny story some day.

But my skin is hot īpink with brown and purple right now and there's not much to the story other than I accidentally dropped a tray I had just took out of the oven and caught it with my forearm and it stayed there for like 5 seconds...

OT: Well no rent, no taxes and the food is freeThough probably from the garbage...I actually interact with a lot of homeless people, throw food on purpose just to give them something to eat...

Annoying Co-workers.

That can count as a funny story...
OT: I don't have any, so never had to deal with them.

High school romance.

Romance is romance no matter how stupid it was back then.

EternalNothingness (the username on here before you asked.)

It didn't take the mods very long to ban him/her.

Sonic '06

A joke to unite gamers in mirth around the world.


It didn't take the mods very long to ban him/her.

Sonic '06

He's not banned just yet (I referring to him

Anyway- It give a nasty looking scar.

Expired food.

they kill the bacteria you have (along with you)


Don't fear the reaper is my favourite Blue oyster cult song.

You town has just been flooded.

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