The Thread of Love

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Use it for my fireplace.

I have nothing bad to say about blank space!

Empty soda cans

Yes 10 cents!

Thinking you keep hearing noises even though there is nobody else home.

Well, I at least know that burglars won't break into my house.

Falling off of a cliff.

You get an interesting tombstone.

Barbra Streisand.

South Park made a very funny episode of her.

St. Anger.

Is a saint??? Also, releasing anger is good and cathartic and all that, so... yea...

The 3d sonic games?

Nice speed platforming.

Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Unquestionably far superior to ANY video game EVER released in the 1970's!!!

The continuing expansion of the Sahara Desert.

Laurence of Arabia 2. I'd watch that.

A seven day working week.

More money and less socials to spend it in!

Kristen Stewart.

No one can imitate a tree better than her.


Its good at getting rid of problems.


Darwin was right after all!


Bliss indeed.

Blatant thread necromancy.

It gets threads I'm a part of active again!

Cutting off your left hand for reasons you can't think of

Lets you escape without having to face your critical thinking about not killing the cute FBI agent you have a crush on.

Running outside when a tornado is approaching.

Now you don't have to wonder when you will be killed, you can see it coming!

A sudden development of Bullet-head-itis.

All idiots are henceforth DEAD.

An uncurable sickness.

It'll make a great teary biopic about hope and struggle someday.

Double posts.

Thread bumps!

Going to a club and getting alcohol poisoning.

You make The Hangover Part IV?
The Hangover Part III.

The actors need to get paid you know..

hitting on a chick then discovering she's a lesbian.

Never happened to me, nor will it ever happen to me.

Being hit on.

Normally, I'm the one chasing girls. now I don't have to do the hard work :D

When the network drops out.

Now I have no excuse to read these printed books I've been holding off on.

Finishing an amazing anime and wanting more of it.

I can post on forums about it and how it is awesome.

The knowledge that there will never be any more Cowboy bebop.

I'm sure there will be another series to take its place!

Waiting ages for a call back.

time to play tetris on my phone!

When you can't sleep.

Stay up playng vdeogames.

A contagious allergy to cats.

Everyone gets dogs instead (and dogs are awesome).

End of year exams.

At least you never have to take them again.


Fun to watch?

Emperor Palpatine.

If he wasn't overthrown the Yhuuzan Vong invasion probably wouldn't have ended up exterminating half the galaxy.

This generation.

We got Spec Ops: The Line.

Modern Military Shooters.

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