The Thread of Love

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I love how it gets everywhere, making sure all the bugs are fed too

Unskippable ads

One shouldn't fear change, and what is a bigger change than something you weren't wanting to watch at all?

Religious/Political threads in non-R/P forums.

I love how with all our optimism and fun threads, they manage to leak to different areas, as if to remind us that "Hey, life kind of f**king sucks sometimes! Get used to it, @$$hole!"

Horse armor

Well, my horse looks good plastered in my money.


Acronyms are pretty darn useful!


Well we ARE suffering from overpopulation. Glad some folks are making the big sacrifice. Literally!


They are strong little guys!

Unsightly back hair

I'm not sure, how that looks, is that like emo hair?
Because it looks good in some people, others look pretty funny with it too, it's also always funny when they bump into things because they can't see.

Petrol/gas prices.

Also love should be written like this.
Use the pretty red hearts!
Sorry this is all I wanted to say...

I don't drive! Yaaaaaaay!

Mud on carpets

Makes them more unique...


They make good monsters.

Poo on the sidewalk.

It's hilarious when someone not watching where they step, steps on a turd.

Sparkling water.

If you shake it enought times you can fire a burst of soda into other people.

Innoce of muslims

It wasn't an actual, full budget film.


Great for soccer moms.

The Scorpion king 3

I love how defensive Marter is of the film

Waking up early

Ensures I am able to snooze through all the boring parts of the day!

Wet shoes

I love it that I know that the Australian spiders who took up a nest in my shoes overnight have now drowned.

Your flight has been delayed.

Good I can catch up on some portable games.

Food poisoning.

No work for a week!

Atomic Wedgie!

So this is how I get super powers.

Reality television.

It can be hilariously stupid!

Fifty Shades of Grey.

It's fun to read in a Nicholas Cage voice.

People texting and driving in front of you on the freeway.

They're more likely to get pulled over by the police than I am.

Getting pulled over by the police.

I get to interact with people.

Bobby Kotick

It's nice when a company relies on someone who truly shows their image.

Anita Sarkeesian debates

I love how people use the oddest of logic to make their points

Nicki Minaj

She has funny names for her songs!

Mark Wahlberg.

I liked him in Ted

BP Oil Spill

Fun, community service for the next few months.

A paper jam.

We can see the printers dirty insides ;)
I can't believe nobodies used this...

Fun for the whole family!

Hole in the roof.

Brings in more natural sunlight than before.

Matrix Revolutions.

I liked the MOAR DAKKA scene!

Hole in your socks

It lets you know when you need new socks

The Room

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