The Thread of Love

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I feel smart while using them!


I love the fact that he beat out 114 other taco to rise to power.

The lack of Crash Bandicoot in Ps All-stars.

I love that children now can't ask their parents why an orange animal is doing a pelvic thrust


Help you achieve physical perfection faster!

Gun crimes.

It makes the bad people go away!


Makes shitty singers still sound shitty!

Whole Milk

At least it's not water


I seeno


with it


/b/ forum on 4chan

... . . . . .......... . . .....

Rush hour!

It was pretty good until the 3rd movie.

c wut i did thar

Wannabe gangsters

They make good targets for the rotten fruit


At least they think I'm attractive.

Youtube Ads

Someone's getting a paycheck from them


There's nothing like constant unbearable pain to remind you to floss!

Speling mastakes

They remind the rest of us that Spell Check is our friend\


You could look at nude people in a respectable magazine without feeling guilty, when they ran that campaign.

Games for Windows Live

It lets my old XBL friends know that I'm still alive.

Airport security.

They certainly turn up for their jobs everyday.


Well, they really shower me with attention!

A worm in a fruit. After you bit into it.

I get some extra nutrients that I need to live!

Being kicked in the schlong

I think of the word "schlong" and become healed by the wonderful powers of Yiddish.

Muse experimenting with dubstep.

Something new!

Terminal diseases.

Free stuff?

My new avatar!

She's a sassy, independent white woman who don't need no man!

Police brutality

Keeps the hippies in line.


It's named after a river, that's always something!


They're fun to break out of.


If it weren't for heroin, how would Guns n' Roses have a career?

Crappy reboots

It can make people curious about the original!

Creepy robots.

They can also be creepy sex robots! Wait, is that good or bad?

Uh, the wife-arm plot twist in Bionic Commando.

I never played that game!

Bratty children.

The fantasies about their murders are great stress relief!

Getting caught fapping in public

They're lucky to get to see this.

Seeing your friends/relatives naked.

I can see make sure they're not porn stars

Giant spiders

They make great boss battles.

The Extra Credits debacle.

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