The Thread of Love

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He isn't the Pointy Haired Boss from Dilbert

Clogged toilets

Ensures your bowels aren't weak.

Farting in an elevator.

At least you know how it smells now.

Pages of private messages.

I'm worthy of attention! :D

Rap music

They have good beats.

MMO Tryhards.

Someone, somewhere is paying them to farm for gold

Broken equipment

It's fun to try to repair it! Or at least to dismantle it completely.

Getting a door slammed in your face.

You get someone to vent your frustrations on for the next hour.

Fish fingers and custard.

It is innovating and edgy (to weird artists)

Nuclear Fire!

It cleanses humanity

Bleeding out

Give you time for your teammates to slap your chest so you can get back up without injury.

Power cut.

It's a nice reminder from the power company to pay my bills!

Prostate exams

At least I don't have cancer.

Pulling all-nighters.

You can get more things done!

MLP haters. (Don't worry, I'm not a brony or anything)

It shows how much time they for debating!

Iphone 5!

Bigger screen for people with money to burn.

Biological Warfare.

It's like a giant science experiment!

Drug Trafficking

People need to get their fix, y'know.

Broken A/C on the hottest day of the year.

Great way to get yourself to sweat and lose all that extra weight you beat yourself up over!


They give someone in the pet care industry a job!

Scratched CD's

Who uses CDs now adays anyway?! PPPPFFTTTT


I needed to practice my stomping.

Broken computer

The scrap parts are enough to buy a new computer.

Sand in your eyes

With time they will become pearls!


It's a sure sign that you had a good night.

Fish *shudder*

It's fun to try and see if you can trick something to leave the thing that's keeping them alive.


Make good for burining.

twilght (I havent read the entire topic so sorry if someone already said it)

It teaches kids not to trust emo people

Charger broken

Well it was time I got rid of my Nokia 6110 anyway.

Nintendo just announced a new Mario game.

It's fun for the little squirts!

Flat tire

makes car chases hilarious


I had a lot of money just lying around anyway.

On-disc DLC (lolcapcom).

It makes downloading the DLC easier.

One Direction.

I know when to turn off my TV, radio, w/e. when they come on.

Horrible voice acting

Provides a good laugh

Cracked phone screen

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