Slender Man.

Thanks to a convenient anonymous email, you've received information that Slender Man has been seen around the city (Think NYC) and is coming for you, all of you. (Those who have read the email in fact).
You've seconds to react right now. This man, this creature is coming to get you. You don't know why, all you know is you need to run.

Get the hell out of there!!!

The name of the game is to survive, slip up and his extending arms will get you. Yes you, as in you.
It's 12am, about 6 more hours until the sun rises. This experiment will test your abilities to survive (over the next 6 days irl), do as you would do. Take a moment if you live after the next 5 seconds to pray to your gods or bacon.
He's here. You hear a footstep behind you...

Sounds like an interesting game but an example would be nice, can't really tell what you are wanting us to do!

RUN LIKE HELL and dolphin dive out of the apartment window!

You spot his slender body behind a news stand.

something like this perhaps?

Break my nearest window, dive out, and begin sprinting down my street, near the houses since they all have the motion detecting lights so I can know if he's coming from behind or not.

Good enough?

Find the most populated area and carry a camera to make sure that my capturing is documented for study for modern science and history.

Pfft, Slender Man

He's so fake, it's not even funny

I could easily beat him up!


What was that noise?



I'm dead ;__;

I'd probably wonder how he got past armed guards and avoided 700 other soldiers.

I'm in an army camp! Some things are going to be more convenient for me.

*huddle into the corner and sob*


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