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If you could get away with giving anyone on earth an Epic Wedgie who would it be?

George W. Bush. He made Texans look bad in front of EVERYBODY!

If you could push a button and destroy any planet in this solar system Death Star style--including earth and the dwarf planet Pluto--which planet would it be?

Pluto. Small and far enough away to prevent shrapnel damage to any other planet.

Who's the real Slim Shady?

i dont know *wink wink*

do you like that guy?

I like this guy!


Have you ever studied fencing? With swords I mean, not post hole digging. :p

No, but it looks like it could be interesting

If I changed my name, what would you recommend I change it too?


What did the bull say to the sheep?


What did the bull say to the sheep?

I don't know.

What did the bull say to the sheep?

Copper Zen:


What did the bull say to the sheep?

I don't know.

What did the bull say to the sheep?

Bulls cannot properly communicate with sheep, nor speak coherent sentences, so nothing.

How does wood get so hard?

*snickers in corner*

Because your Mom's staying over tonight. ^_^

Who hasn't had sex with Cartman's mom?

*raises hand*

How old is the tree outside my house?

Old enough to know better than to drink and drive.

Does 'Light Pollution' where you live make it difficult/impossible to see the stars at night?

Yes, but it's no where near as bad as the Dallas-Fort Worth area. And you can't see any of the stars at night in Houston.

With the Nostrodamus and the Mayan 2012 "Apocalypses" come and gone are there any other famous doomsday prophesies that you can think of? Besides Revelations, I mean.

Hmmm well there's that Nicolas Cage movie Next but I don't remember what year it's set.

Do androids dream of electric sheep?

No, they dream of exterminating all humans.

Why am I so lonely?

Because you keep driving off potential "significant others" by waving around that damned big ax of yours.

When was the last time you had 3 days off from work without it being an official vacation?

5 days off at the start of January because I was sick, though they didn't pay me 4 of those days T^T

What can you say to her?

Who is she and why would I be talking to her? I can count my female friends on one hand and I never talk to them anyway...

Why do you have the avatar you have?

Because it looked awesome! =D

How long are your working hours?

Usually 4-6 hours life-guarding (schedule varies) and 3 hours for swim coaching in the summer

Can you feel the love tonight?

It's midday for crying out loud.

What's the deal with airline food anyway?

It makes you look forward to the flight being over and leaves you wanting to quickly disembark to find some REAL food.

Would a revamp of Ren & Stimpy be as funny today as it was edgy when if first came out over 20 years ago?

I don't know, I haven't watched that show so my answer is meaningless.

Are you afraid of the dark? Like pitch black, streetlights have gone out, walking down the street dark.

Nope. I live for opportunities like that to use my infrared vision goggles.

When (not if) did you go Emo during your teenage years?

Well, well when do teenage years start? Thirteen?
Because I kinda went emo when I was 5...

What's you're favourite level of any game?

I really like the levels where mass murder is allowed

Do you like how your voice sounds?

Yes I love it.

What is your favorite boss fight theme in a video game not counting anything old school? (because I don't want something I've probably heard before) Gamecube/PS2/GBA era and onward.

Dragon Age Origins when you're fighting the Archdemon.

Why do you hate love me so much?

Because I love new people. (sorry, you only joined this site after I left it for a while, so that's all I've got) :P

What's your opinion on rap???

It can be good sometimes

can I have a dollar?


Am I a jerk?

Probably, but I wouldn't give him a dollar either, you can buy a lot of things with a dollar, like candy and stuff, I prefer candy over the dollar disappearing just like that, besides he may be using that dollar to buy drugs, you know like microscopic amounts of drugs!

What candy should I buy?

You should get chocolate... good chocolate, filled with nuts...

Do you think I'm pretty?

I can't see you and I assume you aren't your avatar so while most people would say "I don't know" technically they do know that they don't know what you look like and CAN'T think you're pretty. therefore no I do not think you are pretty.

Isn't Chipotle the best?

I dislike it.

Who is the prettiest princess?

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