Answer the poster's question above you then post one for the next person.

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Not really, no.

U mad?

Who's your favourite Doctor?

I'm not changing my answer even though I got ninja'd.

Doctor Kevorkian!

Do you even lift?

All the bloody time--I do manual labor at work.

What's your dream job/career? (not blowjob--yes, everyone saw that coming)

To work as a Royal Executioner for the British Monarchy. Nobody would give me any crap if I had that job; historically executioners were feared and often shunned.

Why does that kind of job appeal to me, especially given the mentioned downside to it?

Because you're already a social outcast.

What would your last words be before Pumpkin Witch executes you?

Kill Kaleion first!!! ;)

Would you like some bacon?

*offers bacon*

Yes. I am quite hungry.

How many times have you eaten today?

I had oatmeal for breakfast. Plus a Snickers bar and a bag of Cool Flavor Ranch Doritos with a Coke. That's it. I'm really looking forward to my next visit home where I can stuff myself on my Mom's cooking.

When you started college did you gain or lose weight?

I haven't started college, but I think I'm going to lose weight. Food in America is disgusting and I'd rather eat only when I absolutely must.

Was high school good or bad for you?

I'm reserving final judgement until I graduate later this year

Are females more attracted to giant paper-mache tacos?

From what I've seen they most definitely are.

Where can I find more questions?

Don't go to a college Philosophy 101 class!!! In my experience the loser professors who teach that think they know everything but two weeks into you'll realize that they know nothing--and not in a good, philosophical "the-more-you-know-the-more-you-realize-how-much-there-is-that-you-don't-know-and-thus-that-you-know-nothing" kind of way.

What does "philosophy" mean to you?

Philosophy is the talk on a cereal box.

Have you ever listened to the song I just posted?


Is it worth my time?

I can't say, I am posting from school which disables videos...

Am I a good cook?

No! Your baked nerf "potatoes" were awful! *gags*

Should we send Tizzy to cooking school?

only on Tuesdays.

Where were you on Friday, the 31st of February?

Last year I was here on the Escapist.

Where do forum games go to when they die?


Where can I find the next addition to my walrus collection?

Inside a mummy walrus! =D

What is the last TV show you watched (and enjoyed)?

My Little Pufferfish.

Why did the Spanish Habsburgs die out?

Because they failed at battles? *shrug*

What was your least favourite subject in school?

It never seemed necessary to me.

Do you like Jazz?

From the little I've heard, it's alright

How does one stop being sad?

Become sadistic then spend the rest of your life making everyone else miserable--the world will be your oyster.

Do you like my finished submissions for the "An Escapist Caption Contest"?

Blessed be Caramel Frappe!!!

No thanks.

Do you fear death?

Honestly? Not just "no" (and I know that this is going to sound creepy) but in fact I'm actually looking forward to it---in a non-suicide inclined manner.

Does that answer sound odd?

Yes, and you should feel bad for it. (Not really, in some ways that is considered to be more long as you aren't more prone to do dangerous thing)

When will the dinosaurs return?

When Freddie Mercury raises them from the dead.

Who wants a cuddle?

I do! =D

Are you skilled with using a laptop trackpad?

I gots mad skillz bra.

Who is the moon's best friend when Saturn is mad at Neptune?

Pluto. Ever since he was downgraded to a dwarf planet he's been brown nosing everyone.

Where was my question?

Nowhere, it's nowhere.

What is that?

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