Answer the poster's question above you then post one for the next person.

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What will my next adventure be?


What will my next adventure be?

Who derped?

OT: Your next mission will be to stuff Yahtzee into a cat suit.

Will Scde2 emerge from his mission with his self respect intact?

Yahtzee has commented on how redundantly experienced with killing Nazis he is, so IF Yahtzee doesn't kill him for trying to stuff him into a cat suit then I doubt Scde2 will get away without finding the cat suit shoved in an uncomfortable place.

What uncomfortable place am I referring to?

His pillow of course! Nothing is more uncomfertable than a lumpy pillow the horror...

When the sky is orange, how large is the fence by Jonny's lemonade stand down the street?



Is there a time limit here?

Of course there is... I think... Probably...

Can I have $3.50?

I don't have any change. Here, take $5.00.

*gives Monopoly money*

Did LynxParadox specify 'real money'?

Of course not, everyone knows that people here are broke.

Why did the Sun say hello to Uranus when Mercury left Mars?

Because Uranus needed to be where the sun shined for a change.

Where do you go to buy a pet Llama?

The Sims of course.

There's a prophesy that says that the next Roman Catholic Pope will destroy Rome. Or the church. Or both. I forget.

Now that Pope Benedict is resigning from the papacy do you think Rome's days are numbered?

What are you talking about? Rome the city is not going anywhere.

Are we still talking the same Rome here?

Yup. "And the city of seven hills will be smitten with rabid kittens and lollipop armed roosters."

Or was it five hills?

It was 3.14159 hills!

Who wants to be my Valentine?

The TelepathicBurritto.

How many "Forever Alone" Jokes will there be on Thursday?

Too many to feel any pity for their posters.

Should we feel pity for the Escapists who are alone or the ones who are married?

I say pity for everyone! We can have a pity party!

Will you be the entertainer for the event?

No, I'm not very good at it.

Who'd be the best choice?

Daystar. He's full of it. :)

Why should you care?

Because I always care :3

Where should it be held?

In the Escapist Basement.


Do you know where any of the gates to the Basement are located?

I know everything about the basement, I've been there *sudders*
Jedamethis is still in there T^T

Why didn't I listen to the people that told me not to go there?!

Because there's no fun in being safe.



Why is YouTube so temperamental?

Because it's stupid. I really don't know why it throws fits all the time.

Speaking of Youtube, what will the next inevitable layout be like?

I don't even want to think about it. I'm guessing it'll be terrible.

Why do I never want to spend money when I have it?

Because the money is better spent on me ^_^

So, whadya buy me?!

Nothing. I found some tiny marshmallows though, do you want them instead?

What are you going to buy me?

A hat, so you don't have to steal others.

What kind of hat should I get her?

A tophat. I like tophats.

Do you like tophats?

I love top hats. In fact, I'm wearing two right now. One high, one low. If you get what I mean.

Do you get what I mean?

Just to annoy you, I'll say no!

Who hasn't joined in the Escapist Valentine Event yet?

There's an Escapist Valentine Event?

There is?

An unofficial one. Not sure of an official event.

Why so serious about Valentine's Day, everyone?

Because it's an excuse to do something.

Do the Forums seem slow right now to you?

Yes, they do. Of course, they seem to be around this time usually. Or maybe its just me.

I want to talk about hats again. How many hats do you own?

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