Answer the poster's question above you then post one for the next person.

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A few. I'm a hat guy

What's your favorite "classic" book?

Does Tolkien's LotR series (plus The Hobbit) count?

If not I guess that I'd go for...

...I honestly can't think of any...

Why can't I think of any other "classic books" that could qualify as my "favorite"?

Because none else matter. >_>

What ever happened to old man Jenkins?

Disease (stupid disease, always hijacking history)

What Youtube series did I just reference?

That one that ONE popular guy does, that's awesome or something.
I haven't got the faintest clue...

What are some youtube series that are worth watching?
I live under 5 layers of rocks, so I don't know what's popular right now.

I don't know. I watch the yogscast for two reasons: one, I find their commentary hilarious at times. two, it reminds me that there are worse people at gaming than me.

Why do people get satisfaction from other's misfortune?

Because they're sadistic bastards who lack empathy.

Grrrrr...why am I in a bad mood tonight?

Because you're in college during test week or whatever you call it.

What college degree should the Witch get?

The one she is going for!...don't look at me like that...>_>

Why do I keep procrastinating my homework?

Because you're not a driven "A" type person. Like most of us.

Are you in/out of high school/college?

In college. And hating it.

Why do people claim college is fun?

Because they are FOOLS!!!

Why am I not interested in my course?

Because the course is boring a nobody likes it. >_>

Why did I decide to switch majors after two years of college?There's some money I'm not getting back...

Because you made your initial decision upon a whimsy or because you didn't realize how hard it would be. Or you didn't like it when you learned enough to realize what was really involved. Or you were bored. Or drunk. Or your grades were so low it was find a new, easier major or flunk out.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

Maybe? I'm not in college... Why you asking me?... <.<

How does it feel to be drunk on life?

Better than being drunk on alcohol because there's no cotton mouth, headache, and ugly girl you barely remember taking home with you in your bed the next morning.

Have you ever had one of those mornings for real?

Fo real mah dawg...

Yo, you be chillin round these parts dawg?

Not really, been swamped with work.

Had any major problems in life, next poster?

Nope, everything is pretty damn peachy over here.

Got any big vacations planned, next poster?

Hawaii in the summer!

The next person is a cynic of epic proportions.

You, sir, are a prophet of epic proportions.

Have you ever played a D&D/Other RPG character that was so unique (or beloved by you) that you'll remember him/her all your life?

Yes. My Elite Knight build from Dark Souls is now the new standard on how I play RPGs.

Anyone played a game that was literally impossible? Anyone?

Yes. My uncle made me a Towers of Hanoi set with something like 15-20 separate disks.

A pre-video game game:


It's been ages and the thing broke years ago but it would have taken well over a million moves to complete! It's the kind of gift you'd give to an Obsessive Compulsive whom you don't like.

Do you remember ever running into a "Towers of Hanoi" puzzle in any video games you've played? I can think of one off the top of my head but I won't say which game it comes from. :P

Not really. The closet is the goddamn the guide when I wanted the good ending in Cave Story.

I'm going to guess that the next poster vents steam by playing chess and other strategy games in their spare time.

No I don't. I do play chess sometimes though.

The next person loves Persona 4.

That is not a question, it's a statement, though I have not played it yet.

Should I buy a PSVita[1] just to play Persona 4 Golden?

[1] Eventually.

It's a statement because there's two kinds of people in the world. People who love Persona 4, and people about to be executed. Which one are you?!

OT: Yes.

Pie, cake, or bacon?

Pie, I love pie, all kinds of pie too, whether it's lemon, apple or meat I'll be happy.

What food would you like to be eating right now?

Chinese food. And pizza. I love pizza.

Did you play the Mass Effect series?

No. I've never played a Bioware game in my life. :-(

The next person is quite patient when it comes to things they hate.

Considering my friends have befriended someone I hate and I've been forced to be around him pretty often...yeah, you could say that.

How much is that doggy in the window?

$250.00 --The taxidermist puts a lot of love into his work.

Would you like to be mummified when you die?

Of course, so dignified!

Can you eat a 7 course meal?

Nope. Never could.

Do you prefer eating out or home cooking?

Hmm, I do love eating out, but I'll go with my dads cooking.

Do you prefer to swim in the ocean or a pool?

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