Answer the poster's question above you then post one for the next person.

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I'm guessing you mean on paper, yesterday would be it, I like to jot things down every now and again.

Can you draw? And if so, are you good at it?

Anyone can draw. But no, I'm not good at it. I want to become good at it, though. I'm designing an animated show that I know would be popular (I'm a damned good writer) but which requires something more than "stick-man" level of quality art to be successful.

Have you heard of the "10,000 hours" concept of mastering a skill?

Nope, but you're making me think of Tool. (Actually I might have, from an episode of Modern Family of all things.)

What do you do when you struggle to think of questions to ask here?

I usually default into a This vs That questions.

Do you prefer pizza or hamburgers?

Pizza all the way - more potential for variety. Although a quality gourmet burger... *drools*

Does Copper Zen's avatar give you the heebie-geebies?

Nothing gives me heebie-geebies anymore.

What is it like to feel fear?

Shitty and scary.

Whats the point in living in this world?

...I got nuthin'. To gain fulfilment through your actions I suppose, but deep down I don't think anybody's ever fulfilled, given the body capable of doing more, I reckon people would just keep doing what they love. I guess the feeling of "I'm finished" more comes with ageing than our previous actions. Just me being sceptical, though.

Got any plans...*pointing* for the FUTURE?

I'm going to mow the lawn in a few minutes. Go me....

Would you prefer cats or robots to be our Evil Overlords?[1]

[1] Hmmmm, I think I'll make a thread with that question.

Cold, mechanical pragmatism versus Speciesist malevolence? Robots all the way.

What do you do to get yourself motivated?

Sounds strange but I look at what could happen to me if I don't get off my arse.
Example: if I can't be arsed to clean, I'll watch those "How clean is your house?" type shows and all the disgusting people and filthy houses make me jump up and blitz the place.
When I used to study but couldn't be bothered, I'd watch Jeremy Kyle and think "That might be me on there if I don't study and educate myself!"

Are you a heavy sleeper?

If you open my door I'm instantly awake and glaring, so no.

Have you ever lived alone? Did you like it?

Yes and yes. I'm a terrible slob, though.

Are you a slob?

I was getting a bit slobby, but then a tidied a little, so I police my slobbiness.

Do you read often?

At the moment, yes. Working through ASOIF and am slogging through A Feast For Crows. It's not nearly as good as the others so far.

Would you share a taxi with a stranger?


How much is too much pepper?

Any amount which involves you regularly biting into peppercorns.

What's your favourite seasoning?

Garlic. ALL the garlic.

How is it possible that some sub-human beings dislike garlic?

No idea. Though I've never had much interaction with garlic.

Do you eat McDonalds much?

No. I think I went something like a year without it before a couple months ago.

Have you been given or given yourself a deadline for something?

This month's mostly gonna come and go smoothly, so no.
Like your job/course/school?

No it sucks.

Do Eggs?

Do they what? I do eggs.

Did you understand that?


Do you want to know what I understood?


Do you, good sir/madam, have a requirement for spectacles?

No I do not. Although I realised I have a pretty bad lazy eye so I might need glasses for it.

What is your favourite outfit to wear?

A miscellaneous top (whatever I've grabbed from my drawer/wardrobe), skinny jeans and boots. Can't go wrong. <3
(Plus a zip-up hoodie for when it's cold).

Do you have a good memory?

Snow clothes. Heavy jacket, jumper underneath. Very cosy. Makes you feel invincible, come at me, snow! Damn ninjas. Snow clothes can't stop the ninjas...

A good memory...hmmm...I'm finding this hard. I don't do many memorable things.

Cold or warm weather?

Cold. It's easier for me to go from cold to mildly warm rather than warm to anything bearable.

Do you spend more time in the Forum Games than anywhere else?

In terms of the forums, yes. On the Escapist, no. I spend more time in ponychat than I do here.

What's the story behind your avatar?

I finally read the Scott Pilgrim Books and Kim was my favourite character, and I really liked that panel, so I took a picture of it and made it my avatar, that's it, kinda.

How many evil exes would you destroy for the girl of your dreams?

It's just an old photo I took of myself. I can't even remember if I was trying to take a blurry photo, or if not, what the hell I was doing (may well have been under the influence at the time).. but it came out well so avatar away!
Damned ninjas. As many as it took.

If you have a custom title, what's the story behind that?

What's your favourite spaceship?

I really like the Y-wings from Star Wars. Though I'm not huge on Star Wars.

What is your favorite drink?

English breakfast tea with milk and two sugars. c:

What is a meal you love, but haven't enjoyed in ages?

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