Answer the poster's question above you then post one for the next person.

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Adequately for a Friday morning.

Is this overpowered?

Not if I can have one, too.

Do you drink the blue?

Only on days like today.

How do you feel about dark waters?

There are dread things in those waters I tell ye.

Who moved my cheese?

The Cheesoids.

Why is there no alfalfa in the break room?

Freddy is allergic.

What is that smell?

Something that rhymes with bell.

AT&T sure are great, huh?

I don't know I don't go through them.

why is it so cold in here?

Someone forgot to turn the Hoth simulation off.

Where are the chips and dips?

Right here!

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Two houses.


On the lamb.

How did this happen?

You dropped the balls.

Where's the orange duck?

Playing in a backgammon tournament with the purple and red ducks.

What should I ask?

Something you want the Fates to answer.

Who's playing the Fates again?

Natalie Portman, Halle Berry and Donald Trump.

Who are the Patriots?

The worst sports team.

What would you do to turn all Norm of the North DVDs and blu-rays into Klondike bars?

Probably flash my ass at the neighbours.

Would you poke the penguin?

No but if he is cute like private I might tickle them.

Which penguin of Madagascar would you say best matches you?

...The tallest one, I guess.

Do you listen to chanting in your spare time?


Would you read the tale of Sir Shamus, a Goblin Paladin of Bahamut?

I am ashamed to admit that yes, I probably would.

Are you on a train?

I'm under the train.

How do you feel about memes?

Standards are falling.

What's a triglyph?

it is three glyphs combined into a powerful attack.

What should be the next adventure of Monty the Minotaur?

I think it should involve tolerance and stripping.

Is that a rocket in your pocket?

No, just a bullet.

Can you predict when the next great abridger will upload a new episode?

Only with a pair of AA batteries, a pint of beer and a little bit of magic.

Sorry, are you walking here?

I am flying up here.

When will Reghar finally appear in an episode of herostorm?

When his contract is renewed.

Will delusional fans of Space Jam ever stop talking about a sequel?

probably when hollywood caves in and makes said sequel 20 years way too late.

who should be the next hero to join the nexus?

Captain Quark, but only after community service.

When will the MCU join Lego Dimensions?

Surely soon. Maybe Lego has a deal with dc though....

Does Lego have a deal with DC?

No, but they have a deal with WB so that they publish all Lego games, even the ones about Marvel heroes.

But DC and Marvel sometimes have cross-overs, so there's still hope...right?

There is always hope!

what would you do with a pet dragon?

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