Three word story.

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Okay, so Iunno if it's been done here, buuuut. It's a little forum game we us at another place. Basically Each post contains three new words to form a story, doesn't have to make sense, follow any set trend, just whatever you fancy.

So I'll start in the next post, and than someone else copies that and adds a little more, and so on. Basically it forms a large block of text. (I hate double posting but sometimes it has to be done.)

Simple right? :)

There was a

lost little cat

There was a lost little cat who could never

find the little

edible mouse babies

for which to

stop the plague

and to save

us from absolute

horror of death

that has been

bestowed upon us

by the great

king of cosmos

and his wife

Chanbroqueltashitsa the ugly

who was deemed

the Majestic Mother.

of the evil

horsemen of the

mildly annoying apocalypse

Of Which there

weren't any real

biscuits of which

to dip in

tea. Also she

wanted to get

some ice cold

slabs of cheese

covered in Marmite.

So she could

lure in a

great big fish

and then cook

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