Take Away A Letter (and then describe what it's about)

Simply, take away a letter from the title of some form of entertainment (TV show, movie, video game, book) and then describe what this "new" thing would be about.

Here's a couple

Mineweeper (Minesweeper) - Set after Minesweeper, you now play as the widow, who tragically lost their spouse in Minesweeper.

Turk (Turok) - You go around playing as Turk from Scrubs, from the beginning of Med School until you eventually become Chief of Surgery.

The Impsons - A cartoon that follows a family of imps and their misadventures.

I think I'm going to like this game!

Major's Mask (Majora's Mask)- A lifetime drama where a hard-nosed military drill sergeant learns to love

Ass Effect: Save the galaxy from an ASS-tronomcal catastrophe of asses!

Alf life. The life of a little gnome named alf.

Tar Trek: A wipeout-esque gameshow where whoever can swim through the obstacle-filled tar pit first wins.

Timesitters. A large(ish) group of middle-aged men sit on clocks across the world, crushing them and assaulting all clock factories in existence.
They have time-tellers of all shapes and sizes on the brink of extinction. Not even sun dials are safe.

Super Met Boy. A game where you play as a boy and meet people.


Follow the adventures of a man in tight clothes with premature ejaculation.

Tea Fortress. Tower defense, but you are defending mugs of expensive tea by using teabag traps.

Bastin (Bastion): An action RPG about preparing the Thanksgiving Day meal.

Kindom hearts: a game about familial relationships.

Run around a grim, radiated area of Ukraine; scavenging items, fleeing from mutants and conversing with all manner of interesting passer-by. What are you, a statue? You got something, spill the beans, if not: take a hike!

OST (LOST)- A plane of muscians crash landing on a mysterious island which is fill of various original soundtrack from various medias.

Phoenix Wight - Objections! from a smartly-dressed, blue-eyed black-handed zombie from the frozen North in this lawyer 'em up.

I Stomp on Kittens:

MILANA! The hottest girl on the interwebs! :D

OT: Little Bi Planet.
A sci-fi version of the Sims, where your Ultimate goal is to couple off all of the sackboy esque characters with anyone else on the planet who is compatible...

King of the Ill: A comedy show about the king of a nation of zombies and all of the shenanigans his court gets into to.

Ello Kitty.

A Yorkshire Hello Kitty.

BorderLANs. You play as a one of a team of hackers, working together with your friends to access secret vaults of information about ancient times, constantly, your efforts are impeded by the tyrannical corporations of today, who don't want the information to get loose to the general public.

I Spit On Your Rave: a twisted revenge story about the Police's attempts to stop the illegal party scene.

Seed (Speed): There's a bomb on the acorn and if the squirrel that has it slows down, BOOM! (I could've made some sort of seminal joke, but eww.)

Escpe From New Ork: Genetic engineering has created a single indestuctible Ork, and everyone must escape from it.

Duck Ales: gradually replace the pondwater with Hobgoblin and sit back to enjoy the results.

Serious am: A game about waking up in the morning.

Paper, Please. Just one will do.

Yeah, that sucked.


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