Point-and-click your room!

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Describe the things around your room or your area with the same mentality of a point-and-click adventure character. I'll start.

Look at ---> Television
"My old TV set. I don't really watch much cable anymore. I just use it for gaming and playing movies off of Netflix. I must've watched like 50 episodes of Sgt. Frog until I stopped. Think it's about time I got back into it."

Look at ---> Wooden sword
"I remember getting this during my first time at China town. It was a high school field trip and I wanted to bring back something memorable. Miss Guldin was so pissed at me when I got back on the bus. Never gonna forget that."

Look at -----> random computer components
"Other people's computers strewn across my room. Would love to get them out of here, but don't have the time to put them back together in the appropriate order. Some tape might help."

Look at -----> Random studio gear
"My beloved synthesizers, monitors, guitars and controllers. Can't wait to get back into recording, been way too busy lately. I've forgotten what some of them sound like it's been so long."

Push ------> Random studio gear
"They make noises like I imagine my brain would make if hooked up to an oscilloscope. Possible idea for future recordings"

Look at ------> Large fish tank
"The fish tank has no water in it, instead it has some sort of dirt in the bottom and large pieces of wood strewn across it....it appears to be empty otherwise.....wait.....what's that? OMFG IT'S A FUCKING SCORPION!"

Look at ---> Bin
"My bin. It contains the evidence of my lifestyle. Full of Coke cans, sweet wrappers, crisp packets and used wank tissues. I always surprise myself by how much I actually eat..."

Look at ---> Bookcase
"Not so much a bookcase, more of a media library. The only reading material is left at the bottom shelf and even then I've barely read half of them. The rest of the bookcase contains DVDs and Videogames for my various systems."

Look at ---> Mirror
"I look into the mirror and two things stare back at me. The first being my handsome self. The second is a masked creature shrouded completely in darkness who repeatedly mutters the word "Soon""

Look at ---> Forum thread
"Seriously, what was this guy even thinking? Describing the area around other people using text adventure-style text? I'm surprised that he thought it was a good idea, let alone putting it in GD rather than FG."

Looks at computer monitor --> Escapist time!

Looks at Forum Games --> TIME TO REVIVE SOME GAMES! >:-D

Looks at computer monitor--> Why is that silent guy necroing things. What a mischievous imp!

Looks at game collection--> Wish I had a bit more time for these.

Looks at Forum Games --> My evil plan is succeeding...


Look at room------->

It seems to be a seedy hotel room with free wifi and stains on the bed sheets. it could be worse at least it doesn't smell.....much.

Look at ---> Computer.
Interact ---> Mouse.
Click ---> Forum game.

"This is ... I don't even ... I know what to do!"

Look at ---> Weapon collection.
Interact ---> Katana

*You stabbed yourself and bled to death*


In real life.

Push -> Mug of Water
"Well, the water is now all over the table and frizzling out my laptop..."

Look at -> Laptop
"I see nothing of use here."

Look at-> Room

It's covered in random computer components and smells faintly of hatred."

Use Laptop-> Press-> On Button

It turns on and somehow goes straight to the escapist.

Enter-> Forum Games

Your head explodes.


Looks at -> Arena Chess GUI on Windows 8

Oooh, let's analyze my game.

Looks at -> Steam icon

Right click > Cave Story+


Play ---> Soprano ocarina:

The ocarina plays a lovely but shrill note. My dogs start barking, and my parents are slightly annoyed.

Win + C > Settings > Restart

Look > Linux


Looks at ---> Trash Can

Many a time have I vomited in there. Maybe I should stop thinking about that.

Looks at ---> Toy Cars arranged on wall

Infinite childhood memories fill me with cheer.

Looks at ---> Kindergarten best friend photo

Dwain. I wonder what happened to you. You showed me how to swing standing up...

Listen > iPod > Time by Pink Floyd.

I really am starting to feel old.

Look > Screen.

Shit, Linux graphics driver corrupted AGAIN.

I'm going to approach this like Sherlock from my new found love The Testament of Sherlock Holmes.

Looks at ---> Books
"Several books each with bookmarks in them and very dusty, I can deduce that this person has a short attention span, the dust indicates that they haven't been read for some time which seems to suggest they don't read very often.

Turns to Watson and says ----> "Watson dear chap, hand me that brick"

*You now control Dr. Watson*
Says to ---> Holmes --> "Why certainly Homes."

Walks over to ----> Brick
Picks up ----> Brick
Beats with ---> Brick ---> Holmes

Worst thing about that game is controlling Watson or maybe the dog.

Looks at ----> Giant wall of books

This is a bookshelf brimming with books. These are not my books. I must be at a library for the free internet.

Look at ---> Glasses cases.

"Inside it contain my other pair of glasses which the designs is different to the one I'm wearing. I don't wear it that often because the frame is made of plastic and it has a tigher grip meaning my ears get strain abit when I wear it for a whole day."

Look at ---> DVD case

"Game of Thrones Season 1, still unopened. I should probably watch that at some point."

Look > Desk

There used to be a desk here, but now all you can see are neatly organized piles of clutter. It's almost ironic.

Look > Bed

A fresh cat-shaped lump sits in the middle of the duvet, reminding you of who your bed truly belongs to.

Look > Dresser

You try to open the dresser, but something seems to be stuck. Upon closer inspection, your own innate ability to cram things into small spaces has ultimately proved to be your downfall - good luck opening those drawers any time soon.

Look > XBOX 360

Damn thing red ringed on me again. They say that the third time's the charm, but not this time. I'm done with trying to get it fixed.

Look > Closet

An ever expanding vault of memories. I still have that one gym shirt from High School in here somewhere.


Over ten years did I have this dinosaur of a TV, and yet it still works fine. Compared to a lot of more modern TV's though, it's kinda large and a bit ugly.

Look at ---> Old Spice
"Smell like a man, man."

Use ---> Old Spice.
+5 Charisma.

Look at ---> watch
"$20 form New Yorks Chinatown, and it works better than most other watches. It's a pity you never wear it."

Look at ---> ID Card.
"Can double as a mug-shot."

Look > Screen.

"User does not have administrative permissions to install programs."


Look at ----> Empty glass

This can be used to hold alcohol, I should fill it up again soon.

Edit: Look at ----> screen
I seemed to have reached 11000 posts, yay for me

Look at ---> screen

"more than 3000 posts in less than 2 months. I realy don't have a life."

Look at ---> Screen

Look at ---> screen

"more than 3000 posts in less than 2 months. I realy don't have a life."

"Gee, I wish I had their life..."

Interact ---> Light Switch

"You switch off the lights in your room. By switching off the lights, your probability of being eaten by a Grue has grown exponentially"

Interact ---> Light Switch

"You cannot see a light switch to interact with. Warning, prolonged exposure in darkness will elevate your chance of being eaten by a Grue"

Look at ---> Light Switch

"The room is pitch black, there is nothing to look at. A Grue is most likely breathing down your shoulder"

Look at ---> Kinder egg toys.

"Made of cheap plastic, but they make you happy."

Look at ---> Handkerchief.

"When was the last time you washed this thing? You can't remember."

Look > Bed

"There seems to be a living, breathing furball on your bed."

Examine > Furball

"It's your cat. He blinks condescendingly at your gaze."

Pet > Cat

"While the cat initially seems to appreciate the neck scratching, he randomly lashes out and scratches you."

Pet > Cat

"You feel discouraged from touching him again any time soon."

Look at ---> Real 3D Glasses.
"There are six of them, each with a name inscribed onto it's side. Todd, Jake, Viola, Beth, Dan and Sandy."

Look at ---> chocolate bar.

"You should probably eat that at some point"

Look at ---> Dr Pepper

"Why is everything in this room unhealthy?"

Look at --> Phone

"I'm waiting for the university I want to attend next autumn to call. They will be interviewing me. I need to be accepted. This is important."

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