You have been turned into the avatar above you

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You have been transformed into the avatar of the escapist directly above you.
What do you do now?

Rub one out.

Clearly. ;)

Could be awkward. I'm in the office.

Drink alcohol as much as I can.

Smoke a cigarette and be awesome while doing it

Of course

Eat me own head, just to see if I could.

Go and polish some swords.

Completely literal, steel swords. Yep, no euphemisms or anything...

Go to a con, get all the babes

Go around waiting for people to do stupid stuff and give them a slow clap.

Puny men! Kill & eat everyone.

Captcha: pizza topping, why thank you captcha.

Disguise as the Blu team and promote distrust between the group

*Runs around slamming giant tacos on unsuspecting people's heads*

I come in to a wild western flick and order some doughnuts from the local saloon.

Keep an eye out for tentacle monsters.

Rub my hands together because I have a plan so devious that I HAVE to do it!

Would eating Taco Fries be cannibalism?

I'd go around and make people go Awwww, how cute, before mauling their legs.

I would go all "FUS RO DAH" on everyone!

Probably go and do Cat stuff.

I'm not sure what I am now...

Spooooooky Spectre Spoooooky
I am not Hal Jordan Spectre

*Flies around like a legend*

Imma go Red Dead on someone!

*Throws tea-parties and Mills & Boon book club*

Ride of into the sunset where we belong!

Claw up the couch because I can

And f**k you if you say I can't! >:D

Go on a taco fueled rampage!

Rustle everyone else's jimmies because I don't want to be alone in my discontent

Well pass Contra again but with a taco head.
For 5 days I did nothing but play that game until I knew every level like the back of my hand and I still can't beat it without the Konami code @_@

*Skips around*

Ooo-la-la I am so pretty! Oh so pretty! I am pretty & witty and gaaaaay!

Look at a stranger the wrong way, end up in a gun fight.

Am I the head and the fire, or the whole dragon?

If the whole dragon... Take a guess, it rhymes with 'Pape and Rillage'. If just the head, probably just hang around an adventurers house as a trophy....

Begin the search for a large, overcompensating sword.

Destroy all the crops! Capture All the Damsels! And Eat all the Cattle!

Frighten small children.
(granted I would've been doing that anyway.)

Fly majestically through the air then torch a village or something.

I"m a craaaaaaazy happy dancing cat...awesome.

Im'a dance all day long. Deal with it!

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