You have been turned into the avatar above you

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Look for the spirit of the west.
(Clint Eastwood)

Neat! *takes picture or myself* Man it is warm...

Do your jimmies become my jimmies then?

That would be weird, having cat problems

I'd eat myself.

So now I have terrible breathing problems?

What is this thing called hunger?

I guess I'll try to conquer the world or pet cats.

Woo. I can see dead people. What do I do now?

Eat them.

Ooh, I'm Alphonse. I wonder where Ed is?

Hey wait. What's this cat doing in here??


Eh that's not so bad.

Rampage! Just because I can.

Let's sit on the riverbank and be philosophical!

Make awesome stuff with alchemy.

I am never happy with my hair colour now.

Dancing~, dancing~, dancing~...

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