Super Villain Plot Game

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So in this thread, the idea is that you come up with a supervillain plot based around the random item that is posted above you.

Every time someone posts, they have to introduce another, different random item for the next poster.

To start:

Soup. (You may pick any kind of soup)

I will use scalding hot chunky soup to flood the earth!


I will do the Joker Magic trick on everyone in the world.

It was going to happen sooner or later...

I will hold it and wave it like a mad man which will repulse everyone in the planet!

A bolle of water!

I will heat it to boiling temperatures and burn all those who oppose me.

A candy cane.

I will sharpen it and stab people with it!


I'll use it to strangle someone with a very weak neck


I'd swing it around and clobber anyone who opposes my reign!

An old tire.

Little do they know, this old tire will become the last tire of them all which everyone will badly need when all tires are destoryed!

A piece of lint

Use it as kindle to burn down an old folks' home;

A corkscrew

How else am I supposed to get a CEO to tell me the bank codes?


Keep everyone forever on a maple syrup sugar high, so they can't think properly.

A paper clip

Jimmying the lock of the bank vault has never been easier!

A pen

Stab everyone in the eye with it!

A potted plant

Nothing like some blunt force trauma to the head!


i will get shitty movies and make the presidents of the world watch them until they give me complete control over the world! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

a napkin

The ransom note isn't going to write itself now, is it?

A thumbtack

Stab people in the toe and then put them in salty water.


the ransom note isnt going to deliver itself.

a poster of a pony

It will incite rage of all non-bronies! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Nail Varnish!

I could get a ton of it and drown the world with it!

A flashlight

I'll blind you all, how can you stop me if you can't see.

A shoe.

I will make it grow and threaten to stomp planet Earth with it!

A carton of milk.

I will let it go rancid and suffocate my enemies with the smell.

A diamond ring.

Diamonds are great for cutting...

A pencil

I will use it to stab taco for using a plot I suggested already!

A fleshlight...

Blinding people is always fun...

A pet hamster

@Eclipse: Read again...

OT: Time to find people with hamster allergies!

@Tizzy: I know what a fleshlight is (unfortunately)
and I still believe it can be used to blind people (if in a different way)

A flashdrive

Spread a crippling virus to ALL the government servers!

A CD-Rom

It contain all every ginle secrets like the codes to launch a nuclear missle!

A taco.

According to Kaleion, Tacos in Mexico are sometimes filled with bugs, time to shove some poison bugs into taco kits!

Low fat butter.

I'm smear that stuff all over the stairs of the world leaders.

A pair of nail scissors.

Anything sharp to the eye is bound to be lethal

An Iphone 5

I need something to control the stock market with.

A candle.

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