Super Villain Plot Game

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It will allow me to carry on with my world domination operation during a blackout!

A piece of cardboard.

I shall make it a fort! A fort from which to rule the world from!

A 7/11 shop.

Where else would I get the materials to jury rig some weapons of mass destruction?

A mechanical pencil

Hotwire it to kill!

A PS Vita!

I'll distract people with it while I pickpocket them

A Lamborghini Diablo

While people are busy admiring it, I'll run them over with a humvee!


I'll pop it on people's chests until they die of annoyance!

A mitten

SARS mittens for all of the 3rd world!

A coin.

I'll give them all my "two cents".

A cheesy money pun.

While they are groaning, I will slit their throats!

A rubber chicken.

I will annoyed the entire world with it (seriously those things are annoying)!!!

A toothpick

When strategically placed, you can kill someone with a toothpick.

A smoothie.

Being drowned in ice, milk and fruit is never a fun experience...


Inner ear headphones are proven to hurt hearing.

A ruler

Smack peoples hands with it until they submit!!

A wool coat.

I will zap it with an anti-shrink ray and wrap the entire planet in it... thus increasing the rate of Global Warming!

a quarter

I will use it to hire my army! Preferably an army full of people who can't count!

Iced tea

This iced tea is the best god danm ice tea there is that everyone want it so I'm robbing them all of their money!

A stapler

Staple their feet to the ground and have them starve to death!

A calculator

I'll make up elaborate sums and convince people that's how much they owe me.

Some old socks.

Put them in the washer! The machine will try so hard to clean them that it will explode with the force of a nuke.

A ceiling fan

Make people put their face up to it!


I will explain in detail why it does not exist, making the brains of all people who think they got swag explode.

A game disk

I will sharpen the edges and use it as a weapon.

A bag of Doritos

Use my cheesy fingers to dirty up windows!

A bucket!

I will put it on people's heads so they can't see the crimes I commit!

A lightbulb

I will hang it above people's heads and give them false ideas.


I will use it to keep the morale of my evil army (which I bought for a quarter)high!

A boombox

I will struck around the globe while playing it loud which will annoying everyone to the point they will submit to my will!!!

A jar of pickles.

Feed people with pickle allergies!

A rubber glove

Can't be leaving fingerprints on the bank vault door.

A gluestick

Glue peoples hands together!


Eat them all, then jump in a pool. The splash will drown the world!

An air purifier.

I will purifer the entire air that they have to thank me by given their leadership to me!!

A balloon.

Static shocking you to death sounds fun! :D

A chip clip

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