Super Villain Plot Game

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Use the light on the bottom to blind any would-be heroes!

A deck of cards

I use secret bar codes on the cards to rig games in my favor. Eventually I win enough money to buy the whole world.

A copy of 'Big Rigs'.

i will redirect a sunflare to earth and destroy every piece of entertainment except a copy of big rigs.

they will all be playing big rigs.

garrus faced Thermos flask

Kroagan women love scars, so I will use the flask to get them to conquer the galaxy in my name.

A can of soda.

I will shake it for so long that once I open it, it will become a carbonize bomb!

A comb

I can't go on TV with my demands for the safe release of the hostages without looking my best!

An empty cup

Break the cup, use one of the shards to carve my way out of my, break open the prison's sewer system, do not appear for morning checks... Wait till one of the guards is climbing through the pipes to release "Buffalo Taco Special" on one of the toilets.

A pure orphan child of undying goodness.

They always make the best hostages.

Jingle bells!

A rough house street urchin who has the unstoppable desire to shank you.

There's no one better to practice sadistic medical surgeries on!

A copy of Atlas Shrugged

I'll force them to read John Galt's speech until they can recite it from memory and then send them off to the RNC, I'll make quite certain to imbed a subliminal hint about commiting suicide.

A Virtua Boy

The Bible.

I don't think you have to kill anybody with a Bible. I think you actually have to actively prevent people from enacting a criminal plot with any religious book.

Rule 34

A sinking boat.

Put everyone on the sinking boat!!!

A pair of mittens.

I need something to keep the fingerprints off!

A broken CD

Put it back together in a different way so it can secretly give subliminal messages.

A blanket


A sugar cube.

Force feed it to a diabetic


The sunglasses give you eye herpes, taking out my sole rival to conquering the world!

Eyelash wishing

An old folk legend shall make me powerful!

A giant bagel

I will roll it where ever I go, squishing people who can caught in my path!

A glow stick.

Poisonous if swallowed... or force fed <.<

A pair of swim goggles

Put them over peoples heads and tighten them too tight!

A wet tissue.

Make the floor of the white house SLIGHTLY WET, insuring the first lady slips and SPRAINS AN ANKLE!

A bad joke.

It's so bad, the person hearing it will kill themselves and save me the trouble!

A library card

I will make the ultimate library card that allows me to checkout every book in America, and then...I WILL KEEP THEM ALL OVERDUE!!!!

The Escapist.


A good joke.

It is so funny that when I tell it to my nemisis, he will pass out because he will be too busy laughing to breathe!

An American flag.

Who else can I blame for all my hideous atrocities?

A baseball helmet

Can't go without it if your nemisis is a baseball-themed superhero.

A boxing glove

I will put spring loaded boxing gloves behind every door in the world!!!! MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

Propane and propane accessories.

An Emoticon.

I will hack and shove in more emoticons into the internet to the point that you will see emition filling up the screen!

A stick

Run around impaling the nemesis Vlad the Impaler style on it!


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