Super Villain Plot Game

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Make feathered beds for everyone--and include bed bugs carrying Class 4 hemorrhagic fever causing virus. Mortality rate 85%.

Cotton candy.

Put tiny little mind control bots in there!

Writing tools.


Make a salad that gives all the world leaders irritable bowel syndrome!

A tacky Hawaiian t-shirt

Make a pattern on the T-Shirt that kills anyone just by looking at it except you.
Google Blit. Awesome short story. :-D


Inflict nasty paper cuts on everyone!

A rotten rowing oar.

Having it shoved up someone's nose will be even worse!

A map

Have it chew faces off due to fingerprint recognition.


That's easy. To conquer the Earth, I will use SCIENCE!

An empty paper cup.

Perfect shape to be stuffed into a person's throat.

The nuclear weapon arsenal of the United States.



I will do that magic trick Joker used in The Dark Knight to everyone!

A nail clipper

Making exploding ones.

Empty spaces.

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