What did the poster above you do after posting on this thread?

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Changed how his borders look on a map.

Doodled Pokemon in the margins.

My mother.

Rolled a seven and punched a koala in the face.

The cast of Charmed.

Seven lords and a lady.

Licked the back of their chair.

Invented a new way to spam pioneers.

Wrestled a bear!

Skiid over the ocean.

Found a pipe.

Got jiggy with it.

Ate some Moon brand cheese.

Retreated to their underground lair.

made the longest fart in recorded history.

Gathered roses.

Had a long shower

Took a bathtub and pushed it out a window.

Admonished him for his careless act of defenestration.

Charged another mag.

Conquered Andorra.

Completely wiped out an enemy nation.

Made a life size statue of Jason Segel out of birthday candles.

Kissed the girls.

Squawked at the girls.

Fijiman closed his eyelids and went to spleep.

Ated a toast.

Toasted a ant.

Ate a whole watermelon.

Sniped a snipe.

Snuck a snooker stick up an unsuspecting snizz.

Looked up the escapist mobile site

Put the lotion back into the basket

Put some pork in a hat.

Ate some bacon.

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