The Song Game

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This is pretty simple.

Post a song that begins with the same letter that the previous song posted ended with.

Example: I post Californication by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The person after me would have to post something beginning in the letter 'N'.

I know I can't stop people from Googling more song titles, but it's more fun (and challenging) if you only use songs you know, or that are in your music library if necessary.

Last thing (and you don't have to do this): It would be nice if you could list the artist as well, because I'm a greedy whore for music and always like finding new bands and artists to listen to. :)

Actual last thing: you don't need to link to the song.

Let's begin. :3

Nanocyborg Uberholocaust - Eternal Darkness Vortex (Part VI: The Inescapable Singularity Is Intruded Upon As The Atoms and Quarks Of The Body Are Obliterated And Require An Escape Velocity Of Infinite Exponence To Retreat)

Talk about the passion- REM

"No Buses" - Arctic Monkeys

"Shook me all night long" -AC/DC

Down in this hole. -The Builders and the Butchers.


I'm listing mine by 'artist - song', just FYI.

Swallow the Sun - Emerald Forest and The Blackbird

Down, Set, Go by UnderOath

I'm gonna go with 'o' because finding a song beginning in '!' would be almost impossible.

Manowar - Odin

Rick Astley- Never gonna give you up.

Parallel Universe - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Extinction - Brand X Music

Or incase it's supposed Artist THEN song

Brand X Music - Extinction

"Numbers" by the church

Sovngarde song- By Miracle of Sound

Get down- By Hot Chocolate.
(Ahh Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas)

Nord Mead- by Miracle of Sound

Don't let me down- by the Beatles.

Normandy- By Miracle of Sound.
(I wonder how long I can keep this up with just Miracle of Sound)

Guns and Roses by Paradise Lunch

Shadows in the Moonlight- by Miracle of Sound.

You Don't Have To Be A Prostitute - Flight Of The Conchords

You died- by Miracle of Sound.

Default. By Django Django.

Ticket to Ride - The Beatles

East Harlem - Beirut

Mining All Day Long- Miracle of Sound

Ghost of Perdition - Opeth

New Alexandria - Michael Salvatori

Aqualung- Jethro Tull
You just had to break my combo

Goodnight, Travel well - The killers

Take it Easy by the Eagles

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