Weather Forecast

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All you have to do for this thread is state the weather in your area. It can be the actual weather, overly exaggerated, or just made up.

Example: The weather in my area is clear.
The weather in my area is hotter than the pits of Hell.
The weather forecast for my area is light bacon rain with a chance of puppy showers.

Have fun!

The weather in my area is eerily foggy.

Ok then the weather in my area is moderately cold and I haven't gotten around to buying winter clothing...
But I have been buying games, oh I'm so wise _

The weather in Sydney is wet with a chance of cups of tea.

You could say the weather is muggy.

Perth, fucking hot.

The Weather in my area is over 9000.

On a scale of 70 to 100 with 80% being the highest the humidity today will confusing.

IT BE RAINING! Very, VERY heavily. Our equivalent to a white Christmas.

The current weather for me is sunny with a chance of fuck all in terms of snow.

Today we have isolated showers with a high chance of seeing all the colours of the rainbow.

The current local forecast is drearily dreary with a strong chance of bleck.

Still hot.

Very bright and very grey. That is the forecast for today. it always bloody does in Ireland...

It's raining string.

The weather here is a tangle.

Cold with an unusually high chance of who gives a crap.

Windy!...and f**king raining!

Weather here is a deity's attempt at screwing us all over with sickness that runs think in the air with gray as far as the eye can see.

Well, that's the second person to get banned on a forum game I stared, and this time was even stupider than the last one.

OT: Windy. Very, very windy. And cold.

Why did that guy get banned for that post? There wasn't anything wrong with it...

The weather right now is nice.

A little too nice...

In the off topic discussion it's cloudy with a chance of inflation.

Minus 11 Degrees Celsius with mildly cloudy skies that do not obstruct the moon.


White Lightning:
Why did that guy get banned for that post? There wasn't anything wrong with it...

I don't know, someone must have not liked him or something.

In the off topic discussion it's cloudy with a chance of inflation.

I tried to find a "nuke the thread" GIF to post on that thread, couldn't find one.

OT: Still windy and cold, but now with new and improved Sun!

Trying to rain. But then that's an accurate forecast for most of Britain most of the time.

White and grey with a chance of suck.

Sunny without a cloud in sight.

So very sunny with a high chance of sunburn agony.

sunny with intermittent clouds, with the temperature at -7

Weather today will be sunny for the most of the day, but keep your umbrellas at hand as there may be a shower of ponies coming in from the south as the evening goes on!

The weather forecast is very sleepy and hazy.

It's raining money!

Oh it's Monopoly money....

Dark with little floating lights.

Dry! Hurrah! I might be able to go out today!

Fluffy with a chance of being less fluffy later on.

The weather is like a bubble, a strange bubble that contains you and allows you to feel how the weather feels outside but not real, everything seems vague and strange.

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