Weather Forecast

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Today is sunny. Not much else going on.

The weather is stupid because it refuses to give my area a decent amount of snow.

It will be dark for half the day.

This we shall call night.

Today is grey. And it sucks.

How grey?

Here is white and cold and grey and it sucks.

T0ad 0f Truth:
How grey?

Here is white and cold and grey and it sucks.

It's a really bland grey, and while it is snowing, it might as well be sprinkling for all the good it's doing.

Very cold but dry, so it's acceptable...

Very lonely, as in I seem to be the only person on right now :P

The wind here is crazy today, I expect to see many small animals inadvertently learn how to fly.

Today is very yellow and green.

Today is a very boring blue with coldness stalking my house. The blue sky is a boring one today.

Pretty cold...*closes window*

Cold, boring and rainy; also known as another day in DC.

The weather is bleh with a chance of feh.

We had clear skies today. Such prettiness...

It was very windy today.

Let's see, today's weather is OH GOD MY EYES! THEY BURN!

We had clear skies again, but it was cold as fuck...

Boring weather was boring today.

The road out of town is flooding.

Oh dear.

Tomorrow it'll be dark, possibly with snow or rain or wind, or none of the above, it'll certainly be dark though. (1:40am)

It's dark. And cold.

It it dull and grey, just like yesterday. Da fuck, sky? Rain or snow or something.

Foggy to all hell. Reminds me of that short stop in the UK I had when I was going to India.

It's sunny, but bland.

Clear skies!

It was bright. Way too bright. What made it worse is that I had a pretty bad headache.

It's a good nice blue sky again. At night, where we can see the moon...

The weather today is mud.

Weather today was quite nice actually. Good sun and some warm weather.

It is very sunny. I don't like it.

We had a clear sky with a chilly wind. Just your typical winter weather here in the States.

Today's weather is miserable with a high chance of getting crappier by tomorrow.

We're slated to have snow. :-)

The weather here in Iowa is snowy with low visibility! Be careful, the roads are slick!

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