Weather Forecast

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No snow. :-(

Temperature was 57 F this morning at 6 AM and has been going down all day. We had rain and hail (in spots) along with fierce winds and potentially damaging gusts. The temperature has dropped below freezing--but we're expecting it to be in the 60's and 70's this weekend.

That's tornado weather. And even if we don't get any tornados the warm weather could cause all the trees to bloom early which will lead to the fruit trees losing this year's crop when we get late freezes in April (which ALWAYS happens).

I was correct, the weather did get crappier.

The weather here in Oklahoma can't make up it's goddamn mind. It went from 65 degrees F yesterday to 40 degrees today. I carry two different coats with me at all times just to be safe.

On the precipitation front: still diddly squat. The drought continues. Yay.

It's snowing. :D Doesn't seem to be accumulating worth a shit though.

Snow's melting here. At least we get to see a pretty blue sky.

It is currently raining turtles.

Its the end of a beautiful sunny day, and im stuck inside with the flu.

Blue skies! And it's 57 F here. Such nice weather...

Today looks like it will be blue skies, lovely tempture, a gentle wind.

Sound like a good day to stay inside and play videogames.

Looked like a good day to go outside, with the clear sky and a nice temperature of 54 F.

The weather was meh.

A beautiful sunny 28*C, a great day to do some cleaning!

Nice clear sky once again. I love me some clear skies. :-)

It's actually pretty nice out today.

Its raining guts and borgs.

The weather is cold and so windy that we had to used the play sand to keep the plastic storage boxes from blowed away (we display them outside of the store)!

Very nice outside today. We have a good weather streak for this week it seems.

At my house it's sunny and warm. At Walmart(about a mile away from my house) it's cold, windy, and it's started to rain and snow at the same time.

Overcast, and muggy as all hell. There's a storm brewing, mark my words!

Such nice weather with a nice sky!

It's raining, I hope you all have a terrible day.

Oddly enough, the sky above my house seemed to stay clear for most of the day even though it was raining/snowing only about a mile away at one point.

Today was so hot.

Milk was a bad choice.

The weather in England is pretty sunny right now.

It's a shame I'm a lazy hermit outside of work hours...

Kinda cold today, but wasn't that bad at all with that clear sky.

It's cold but nowhere near cold compared to last week!

Ah, it's warm outside!

There is a storm inbound. This shall not be pretty.

EDIT: Or not.

Cold enough to make me put off from taking a trip to the pier.

Ack, why so cloudy?

It has been raining most of the day.

Still cloudy. :-(

It's fairly warm, but very windy.

Pretty rainy. Felt nice after some chills and some days with clear skies.

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