Weather Forecast

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Cold and windy. Wear a jacket or die.


It was kinda cold today, nothing that bad though.

Rainy with a high chance of spam.

Spammy with a high chance of bannings.
Seriously, what the fuck is it with spambots and posting in my threads?

Clear and warm, for winter here at least.

It is currently raining birds. Small, plastic birds.

Finally got a decent amount of snow! I think there's about three inches on the ground right now.

Cloudy with a chance of spam.

Snowing for some odd reason. STILL SNOWING. :-D

Well let's just have a quick look out OH GOD MY EYES!! Why is it always sunny after it snows!?

Aw, snow's melting. :-(

Forecast for hot!

Pretty cold still, even though the snow's melting.

Its raining heavy, complete with thunder and lightning.

Rain is going to be light in a bit.

It is going to be colder than a cast iron commode on the shady side of an iceberg.

Heat starting to raise, my mind feels with dread as I remember the dry hot wind hitting my face, just sapping away all my energy as the sun heats my boots to the point where they burn and feel like they are cooking my feet...
Spring please don't arrive I don't want to get to summer T^T

Partly cloudy with a cold wind.

Is okay, but could be warmer.

*Sigh.* Partly cloudy, but pretty warm.

All clear.

Partly cloudy, about to rain. Kind of gloomy. :-(

It's rainy and foggy. Really just a dull day.



Felt nice after some rain. Reminds me of monsoon season back in India. :-)

It wasn't too bad. Could have been a bit less windy though.

Beautiful just beautiful.

Only just beautiful though.

I have no idea I can't remember, it was raining in Vice city though >_>


Just another day in Japan.

Nice clear skies. Feels like I'm in the mountains.

While today did had sunshine but the wind still make it cold!

It's raining, snowing, sleeting, and hailing all at the same time. Really all we're missing is wind an lightning.

The sun has gone on strike.

Where are you sun we need you for photosynthesise.

So warm...

Fairly warm.

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