Weather Forecast

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Clear, but very cold.

Warm and it's going to get hotter over the next few hours.

Really busy, throws so many things at me I can't even play Zelda -_-'

Cloudy. It's probably going to rain within the next 24 hours.

Very, very warm. :-)

Everything is kind of tinted green right now because it rained last now and is still cloudy. I love it when it's like this.

Fairly stormy right now. Glad I don't have to go anywhere.

Clear and cold today for some reason.

Nice and sunny.

Sunny just now, but at any second it could start raining again. Scotland's like that.

Sunny, but windy and cold.

Actually dry!

...for now.

I think my area might be getting rain soon.

Clear, apparently.

We've had rain and hail on and off for the last two days, so I'm cynical.

Sunny!? What sorcery is this!

Cloudy and cold.

Cloudy, but warm...

How is this possible!?

I was right, it rained and still is.

Rather rainy. Felt nice.

The forecast says "a chance of rain", but it's looking pretty sunny outside.

I'm hoping it stays that way, to be quite honest.

It's been cloudy. I can see the sun though.

Cold and miserable...

It's hailing cereal balls.

Sunny morning, started raining before sunset. Its still raining.

Absolute cracker!
Sun shining; the moon is full and......... wait moon?

*looks above* Advertisement-y with a high chance of spam.

It is pouring and I think I just heard thunder. You know, fun weather.

The weather was pretty boss today.

It was really bright, sunny and so warm.

Good enough weather for a barbeque. It was a little late in the day to have one so we weren't in the sun, but still. A barbeque in England is a fairly rare thing.

It's pouring again after a short period of sunlight.

It's very sunny and warm which is suprising coming from the UK! In fact this is the warmest day of 2013 over here so far!

Funny, it's actually raining pretty heavily in Perth! :D

Got another storm hanging over my area right now. Just hasn't started raining yet.

Warm and sunny around here, with a slight chance of karma pissing squarely in my punch bowl!

It gone back to cold weather, I missed the wearm temperature already :(

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