the hill game

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the game is pretty simple you get rid of/kill the previous escapist and claim the hill as your own

MY hill!

*Detonates 10 Tons of C4 under the hill*

Not your hill anymore.

SomeLameStuff ruined the game by destroying the hill.

*Stabs him in the face repeatedly and climbs onto the mound where the hill was*

*smashes into your face*

My (what is left of the) hill!

*has two hundred Mil Mi-26 drop tons of soil on tizzy to bury him and rebuild the hill*

MY hill!

*has secretly added plutonium into the ground that rebuilt the hill, waits as Sagitel slowly dies of radiation poisonning*

Who's hill is it?

Only wimps and The French use radiation poisoning any more. You die slowly of shame.
My hill now.

I bring several bottles of wine up to celebrate your acquisition of the hill.

When I have you thoroughly drunk I trick you into signing the deed for the hill over to me.

The hill is now mine, and I did it all legally bitches!

*slaps you* Off the hill young man! Take off that mask, what would your mother say!

*ahem* My hill now!

*hands Tizzy a mirror, watches as he gets distracted by his own reflection and he wanders away*

MY HILL NOW, *starts building a bunker*

'At last, a good place to dump all of my sewage. Pipe it in boys!'

Suddenly the hill looks that much less attractive.

Cleans the hill with chainsaw equipped bulldozers.

My hill now mate.

Builds a new hill out of PS2, Dr.Susse therefore jumps on them.

MY HILL!!!!!

Spreads rumors of a Tea Conference so MrCollins leaves to go to it.

Well, my hill!

We will build a new hill!

*Calls in a team of Amish to build a glorious Barn Hill*

*sends to a retro museum*

My (newly made) hill!

sets the retro museum on fire. tizzy becomes so sad that made others suffer in the fire that he gives the hill to me!

MY hill!

*boots of sagitel and plants the black Redlin flag of war*

This is my hill. Sure, you may take me off of it now but in the end it will be under my control...

*sends redlin a gift. and when he opens it a fist comes out and punches him out. then burns the redling flag*

my hill!

Carries sagitel off to his ice cave and hangs him from the ceiling.
My hill!

*Asks WhyBotherToTry to defend the hill, he mistakes this for a challenges and simply gives up*

The Hill is mine and it now has some lovely tea thanks to that convention I went to.

I put Mr. Collins in a sack and roll him down the hill, my hill now I guess *sits and starts stargazing.

I give him a sandwich.


The hill is mine.

I swarm in with my poisonous Perpetual Darkness. Redlin5 gets lost in the darkness and wanders off gasping and coughing.

I claim this hill for The Great Old Ones! And myself!

i blow up the dam, flooding the area and drowning mr. Zen. then i take a shark cage and a bottle of oxygen and go stand on top of The (Underwater) Hill

i connect a nuclear power plant to the lake. electrifying talker and sharks and also disintegrating water into hydrogen and oxygen!

MY (now over water) hill!

*inserts a running gif and watches you run away from the hill*

My hill!

I call giant eagles to kidnap you, where will they take?
I don't know I didn't ask, but the hill is now mine.

I unleash all the horrors from the Hello Kitty Universe upon you.

As Kaleion is devoured alive by the cutest beings imaginable, I take the hill.

*wears rubber suit* Can't zap me nao can you? *pushes down hill*

My hill!

Tells him to back off or i'll open the doors to the escapist basement, he backs off. The horrors remain there.

Mah Hill

I'd like to shake your hand MrCollins.
Can't beat the classics.


Robots have off switches, how convenient

Hail to the Hill King, baby

I walk onto the Hill and stand uncomfortably close to PsychicTaco115 causing him to feel very awkward and leave.

I guess it's my Hill now but whatever.

High velocity sniper rifle bullet to the face.

My hill.

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