the hill game

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*Gives Master Sword*

*Kaleion sleeps for seven years*

Well, since he's asleep, I guess I shall own this hill.

*flails wildly, back handing Kal off of hill*

My hill again!

uses voodoo to make you mercilessly hit yourself with a mace until you die.

my hill!

*gives sagitel a clever icon, he is so grateful that he gives me a hill.*

My hill

*Steals the hill* Aussie, aussie, aussie!

My hill now!

Builds a bigger and better hill.

*raspberry's at everyone*

My hill.

*levels everything except a one inch rise and pushes scorp off of it*

My hill.

I throw a Master Ball at Zapdos after he shocks the team Rocket, I guess it's my hill now.

It's dangerous to go alone take this grenade.
Oops forgot the pin............*BOOM!*

My hill.

My hole.

*Attacks with mutant mole army*

My hole.

Wait, wasn't this a hole before?

It was *Kicks scorptatious into space*

And it's mine now.

*Takes a cement truck and fills up the hole with Dr. Susse in it.

My... parking lot.

*Breaks back*


*kills with batcycle*

Redlin's hill.

Builds two walls around the Hill, waiting 7 months for Relin5's food to run out.

My hill.

*reports obvious spambot*

*is rewarded with hill.*

My hill.

Forges deed to hill, and bribes police to throw scorptatious out.

My hill!

*Hires Judge Dread to use his brand of justice to boot you off the hill*

My Hill!

Hey, it's the kitty again. Face the wrath of my water gun, cat! No feline can withstand room-temperature water!

My hill

My pile of gravel.

*Gives a bunch of licorice in exchange of hill*
My hill.

*takes Zelda to a far away land*
My hill now!

Well I've got this big fucking lump of wood that says it's my hill now.

Er...OK! *Nods*

My (real) hill

I use my feminism to scare him away!


I call in the rest of the tf2 team to help me take the hill, then build fortifications on it.

Stay away from this hill, spies, I got a pyro here.

*Distracts you with hats*


Thanks for the hats, but you forgot that sentries arn't distracted by them. So my lvl 3 sentry gun kills you in half of a second.

Still our hill.

While Scde2 distracted you (briefly) with hats, I delieverd the Austrailium and sent the missle on your encampment.

My hill now (or perhaps crater now >_>)


My hill (hole?)!

Since a hole no long qualifies as a hill I will claim this dirt pile as the hill.

My dirt pile.

I knock you off the dirt pile (hill?) with my umbrella.

My pile of dirt!

*Scratches up your umbrella and pushes you off*

My dirt!

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