the hill game

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Raises a sunken thread from its watery grave and throws Scde out its window.

My nostalgic hill.

Taps the Matrix's backdoor command routines. Deletes hill. Dr. Susse falls into pit. Reload hill, burying Dr. Susse beneath hundreds of tons of earth and rock.

My hill.

Charges with rino cavalery, trampeling The Pumpkin Witch into a fine pulp.

My hill!

Displays a freshly baked pie, a favourtie rhinoceros dish, making the rhinos chase him. However, the rhinos were too occupied by the pie that they didn't see a massive canyon in front of them...they fell into it.

My, rhino free, hill!

*Whoosh* You are sent flying off the hill.
My hill now!

*Creates a twilight shroud, turning you into an adorable little cuddly wulfy!

My hill (And wulfy!)

*Unleash huge herd of zebras. They horrifically trample Scde2 and the "adorable little cuddly wulfy". For a few moments Scde2 can be heard screaming like a little girl--then the screams are stopped as a dozen zebras crush Scde2 into an unrecognizable goo.*


My hill!

I unleash a pride of lions. The zebras run away from the predators so the lions gobble up Copper Zen.

My hill!

captcha: Keep What's Yours.

That's the idea, captcha.

I unleash a herd of wildebeests, trampling all over the king lion. Which in turn, causes his evil brother to take over the pride and in return for my help, he gives me the hill.

My blood-stained hill.

I take the cub of the late king's cub under my metaphorical wing and train him to take back the pride by confronting the new evil king... all while singing Hakuna Matata all the way there!

My worry-free hill.

I laugh at your idea of worry-free-ness as I lead the armies of Sauron and wipe out all resistance!

My tainted hill!

I drop the ring into the volcano under the hill and let the rushing lava destroy aforementioned armies.

My hot hill.

I bring Kyogre to flood the area, washing you away.

My soaked hill!

I unleash a spider swarm:


Complete with a Boss:


They poison, paralyze, and wrap up NoOne852, cover him with eggs that hatch millions of baby spiders which eat him alive, and cover the hill in sticky webs.

My (scary infested) hill!

My (crispy) hill.

"Hey look over there, it's a distraction!"
*pushes off hill*

my hill!

Ninja walk up behind NoOne852 where he can't see me because of his umbrella and inject him with a syringe of heroine. He wanders off in La La land.

My hill!

Unfortunately for you, my LaLa land is something more like this:

While I attempted to give you present, it explodes as I frolick around the hill.

My paradise hill!

I shoot him with a tranquilizer dart filled with Ritalin. He slumps to the ground from an overdose.

My hill.

Now that I freshly respawned, I charge her with my umbrella in hand as I fire a laser out the end, sroching a hole in her head. I stand triumphantly at the top of the hill and play the song of my people.

My hill!

*Gives NoOne a head in exchange for the hill*

I declare this hill the nation of This Country Sucks, now ruled with an iron fish by username sucks.

*The nonexistent citizens of This Country Sucks overthrow username sucks because of sucky rulership and proclaim me as their Catboy god*

My catboy theocracy-hill.

*Clears throat*

Hello, I am Morgan Freeman...

*Watches Scde2 run away in terror*

My hill.

Decide I can't compete with Morgan Freeman...walks away.

His hill :(

@Not G. Ivingname: No, bad Not G. Ivingname! We've been over this. Bad! *Hits him on the nose with a rolled up newspaper*

And since Copper Zen submits I guess it's my hill again.

Hypnotizes everybody currently fighting over the hill into one giant connected dream where they fight over the hill while I take the real one for myself and also lock all of their bodies in an inescapable box on the off chance that any of them wake up.

My Hill.

I realize we are in a trace and kill myself to respawn out of the box (cause thats the only way we all can be able to keep posting here).
I then sneak up on you, knock you out with my umbrella, and toss you into the ocean.

My hill!

*Phaselocks and punts off the side of the hill*

Bai. My hill now.

Calls in an orbital MAC blast on the hill, not leaving much left of Ahri.

My cripsy hill!

Sells NoOne's soul to the devil to build my kingdom opon that hill.

the devil doesnt understand the deal because of NoOne's name and kills everyone as I hide under the bodies of the dead...

My hill?

*Phaseshifts NoOne Lynx off of the hill, and into an abandoned field.*

My hill!

Edit because ninja'd!

I call in my friend the Slenderman to kidnap Ahri to a different dimension.

My hill!

*Gets out $20*

My hill! :D

Throws dog bone down slope. Not chases it.

My hill!

*Uses the Light of Elendil to light up the entire hill, forcing Copper Zen to retreat*

My hill!

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