the hill game

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Conjure a mighty Gust of Wind. NoOne--desperately clinging to his umbrella--is blown into the distance.

My hill!

*Bounces on Copper Zen's head and gets 100 points*

My hill.

I comicly disguised a bomb as a pie and gave it to Scorptatious, who ate it and had until sun set before the bomb exploded.

at night, the hill will be mine!

Send in SWAT team with Bomb Squad. Bomb disposed of and NoOne arrested.

My hill!

I reveal that I didn't actually eat the pie and intended to share it with everyone. I then accidentally trip and blow everything up within a square mile.

Crater available for sale.

Not sure if ninja'd or was intentional... Eh, Im going with it.

I float down with my umbrella to see that (once again) the hill is no longer a hill. So, naturally, I go all Minecraft on the place and create a new hill!

My blocky hill!

I pretend to sweep the hill with my broom then impale NoOne through the heart with the sharp, pointy end.

My hill.

I take your broom and throw it far away, making you have to go get it! I then put down a bunch of woopie-cushion landmines. One wrong step and a blast of puttering air will do absolutely nothing.

My hill of nonsense!

I sneak up to you after dusk and tickle you mercilessly, sending you rolling down the hill, laughing.

My hill of Giggles!

I falcon punch the eyes

My hill

My... pile of ruble.

The hill was destroyed already? That didn't last long... I'm going to get a new hill...with blackjack and hookers!

My hill!

I win enough money through blackjack to buy the hill off of NoOne852.

My hill.

I eat a ton of food and also all the other players and get so fat that I take up the whole universe both granting me the hill and blocking the spawn points so nobody can come back to life.

My hill.

Epicspoon gets kicked for spawn camping and I spawn right back in. Conveniently right next to the hill as well.

Mine hill.

I used the gravity gun (half-life seires) to launch Scorptatious out of sight.

My lonely hill!

My cheating free hill!

I use the power of pop music!!!

My hill now.

The pop music does what it has been leading to all these years and brings the destruction of itself and all its fans.

My Jazzy hill now.

I se up white noise projectors and nullify all noise in the area. That way nobody hears Dr. Susse screaming as I go "axe-murderer" on his ass.

My hill.

Little known fact about Australians; We explode when hit with an axe.

My hill.

Walks past the meaty Australian chunks strewn about and claims the hill.

My hill.

*throws propane at Epicspoon*

Get off my hill! *watches you leave*

My hill now.

Throws arm at tizzy.

My hill now mate!
*Does victory dance*

*sics more thread hamsters than you can handle and watched you flee*

Looks like its my hill.

*winds up catnip soaked electric mouse and turns it loose. Watches Tizzy chase it down hill*

It's mine now. Allllll mine!

EDIT: Ninja'd

I charge the hill with a flame sword, bringing light and something to stab him with!

My hill!

*Takes hose and doses flaming sword, before hitting NoOne with a big stick*

My (for once actual) hill! :D

*grabs violin, throws it down the hill and watches you scurry off to get it*

Looks like it's my hill!

*throws water balloons at cat to chase it off*

My damp hill!

I activate my spell card!
Now run away while you can!

My hill!

I summon Slifer!
*laughs as you tremble in defeat*

My hill!

My hill of children's card games!

God cards? Thats cute. Behold, the most troll-riffic card in existance!

My +100 hill!

*grabs card and rips it up*

My hill.

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