The thing to your left....

The thing to your left is now your weapon in the zombie apocalypse. How screwed are you?

For me, it's my dad (currently playing Skyrim). Marine Corps vet, still works for the Army, second-degree black belt in karate, grew up on the land and knows how to shoot, hunt, fish, etc. He passed all of that knowledge down to me, so I think we'll be okay.

Goddamnit stop saying thing to my left!
It will ALWAYS BE MY COMPUTER. Why can't people come up with something more original like the last object you touched or the object adjacent to your bathroom. Why is it ALWAYS the object to my left!?

A cup.

Not just any cup, a Liverpool FC mug half full with lukewarm coffee.

Bring on the Zombies.

My USB headset microphone. Pretty handy for communications, provided we've got a working computer on hand.

Cool! To my left is a Rossi Model 92 lever action rifle. It takes 380 +P as well as .357, although those magnum rounds tend to stick. It can only hold five rounds reliably though, so I imagine I would survive just long enough to finish typing this sentence.

a white PS3 controller

...... I see this topic posted on Facebook way too often, it sees very unoriginal : \

Well, I have a few things to my left. A bag of Halls cough drops, a hair brush, a Phillip's head screwdriver, Oblivion GOTY edition, a broken keyboard, all of this on an end table. Do I have to choose one item, do I get all of them, or do I default to the end table?

If I have to choose, I'd choose the end table. The legs can be used as clubs, the table can be used as a shield.

Um... I have a wall.

I get the feeling I'll be the first to die in this thread.

Great, I have a chair.

A cup.

Not just any cup, a Liverpool FC mug half full with lukewarm coffee.

Bring on the Zombies.

Haha, just lunge at the bastards screaming "For Gerrard!", that'll scare them off.

Erm, to the left is...a large stuffed dog teddy thing. Stuffed, like I'd be against the zombies.

To my left is the single best weapon against zombies there is:
A toaster.

A money jar...dammit, it isn't even full!

A cupboard door.......I now have a bunker.

A shark theme stapler.

Good thing it's still full of staples so I can staple the zombie mouth together!!!

A bowl of chicken nuggets.

I've got my AP World textbook that I've murdered goats with.


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