Waking Cthulu

Well let's have us a little game, shall we?
In this thread, we post 3-5 items which are part of the "Cthulu-Wake-Up" ceremony.
The next poster has to combine these items into a step that will serve to waken the mighty Cthulu from it's slumber.

Peanut Butter
A squirrel
3 fair maidens.

To awaken the mighty cthulu, it is required that one smothers three fair maidens in sticky peanut butter and then proceeds to have them nibbled at by a famished squirrel until all the peanut butter is gone.
The squirrel must then be sacrificed to appease the mighty one.

I'll start:

Step 1 requires:
A beehive
A human skull
A tiger.

Hence why people keep telling the media to shut their faces up.

This does not make a lot of sense to me in the given context...

So: A derail on the first post?


To awaken the mighty cthulu, it is required a sacrificial victim wrap themself in bacon and be fed to a tiger, their leftover skull will then be harvested and made into an improvised beehive...

Step 2 requires:
-A beehive created out of a human skull
-A machete
-A guy named Dave

To awaken the mighty cthulu, it is required to have a guy named Dave dress like a Pikachu and then stab him with a machete. After he's dead, cut his head off and put it in a beehive made from a human skull

Step 3 requires:
* A turkey leg
* A hat
* An idiot
* Some gum

To awaken the almighty cthulu, it is required to have an idiot. His limbs must be bound with chewing gum, and then a hat must be placed upon his head before he is beaten to death with a turkey leg.

Step 4 requires:
*A six pack of beer
*A stormtrooper
*The complete works of shakespeare
*The neck bones of a hyena

The mighty Ctuhulu can only be awakend from his slumber after a stormtrooper has been forced to chugg a sixpack of beer and inscribe the complete works of shakespeare on a singular hyena neck bone.
The neck bone may then be burned as a ritualistic offering to appease the mighty Cthulu.

The next step requires:

Three tomatoes
Christopher Walken
A gallon of gasoline
The fossilized skeleton of a dinosaur that is not a T-Rex
A plate of Spaghetti with meatballs.

Let's see, we need to fuse all of them together adding gasoline drop by drop to make sure that the Walken/Dino density is all right, and we are done. And we give spaghetti and meatballs to enslave the demon.

- Socks
- Tentacles
- Live octopi
- Internet
- Fire


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