Time for some Mortal Combat!

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You are about to enter into mortal combat with the user above you. However, they brought an item to combat the previous user. The point of this game is to bring an item with you that can defeat the person before you and then be used effectively to defend against whoever comes after you.

For example:
Me: I bring a banana into combat!
Next player: I bring a monkey into combat to eat your banana and it know monkey kung-fu!

Shall we begin? I guess I'll start.

I'll bring a banana into combat! There's no way anyone could think of a way to defend against such a formidable weapon.

I bring some ice-cream, chocolate syrup, crushed peanuts, a plate and a spoon.

I bring a small child.

I bring a wardrobe to Narnia.

I bring a lumberjack's axe.

I bring a rust monster.

I bring a hose.
(Note: The guy before me edited his post. Lets just continue on from here to avoid further confusion)

I bring a wet suit.

I bring sand from the beach.

I bring Gaara from Naruto!

I bring the Ten-Tails!

I bring a baby to seal him away.

I bring some candy canes (freshly sharpened)

I bring a seductive lady to eat them in a tantalizing fashion.

I bring a piranha plant straight from Super Mario Bros!

I bring a box of matches and a can of aerosol.

What's that? Box of matches and aerosol? ICE CANNON I SUMMON! BEAT IT!

I bring an EMP device.

I bring some magic ropes...

I bring a magic rope cutter!

I bring a... another rust monster

I bring duct tape.

I bring scissors.

I bring a rock.

I bring a bucket of water

I bring a heat lamp.

I bring a fan

I bring a set of stone armor.

I bring a bucket of battery acid

I bring a scythe that compounds bleeding.

I bring a vorpal broken bottle

I bring my alchemy.

I bring a world where alchemy doesn't exist.

I bring a Death Star to destroy said world.

I bring a teenager in a fighter ship

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