Time for some Mortal Combat!

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I bring a set of prequels

I bring a lighter and a can of gasoline

I bring Kyorge.

I bring a dictionary...

I bring the power of knowledge!

I bring bullets because as a great man once said "Some people think they can outsmart me...maybe, maybe...but I've yet to meet man who could outsmart bullet!"

I bring a spy disguised as a medic...

I'm bringing my shadows as an even wiser man said that there's nothing that doesn't have a shadow in the mortal plane. And you, dear boy, are part of the mortal plane.

I bring:

Your shadows are no match for swords of light!

I bring a can of gasoline and some matches. Your silly cardboard is no match for fire!

I bring rain via Lust!

I have alchemy and the Truth, what more could I want?

OH SHI- I'm fighting myself??! NOPE. >:-D

I bring a virus and reduce one of the above two posts to nothingness

I bring an Anti-Life Equation that reduces you all to pure evil, except for me, as I CREATED IT!

I bring a shield of illogical good which protects me from your crazy evil math...

I bring The Hulk...cause we are totally best buds >_>

I bring a psychotherapist.

I bring a psycho rapist.

I bring a psycho baptist.

I bring bear cavalry!

I bring a man in an extremely large and well fortified tank with ridiculously large guns and cannons. However, he would prefer to be driven closer so he can hit you with his sword.

..... Can I just kidnap you and be done with it? Tis would be shame to fight you.

I bring anarchy, hatred, and some Molotov cocktails.

I bring alchemy to this thread.

(didn't you already bring that?)
I bring red matter because F physics.




I bring Spock to restore logic!

I bring the Enterprise to deal with Spock!

I bring mind controlling space parasites to take over the federation... therefore I bring the federation which crushes your puny enterprise.

I bring the Death Star!

I bring the technovirus to reduce the Death Star to inert material.

My hill!

Oh, wait--wrong thread!

How embarrassing!!!

I bring... norton anti virus

I bring ... call over my local computer tech guy.

I bring Linux.

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