How do you feel? Track your emotions

This is an idea I had a few days ago, but I kept putting it off or getting distracted until now. The rules are to simple to state your current emotion and then provide an explanation why. Feel free to add an image, song or video that you feel illustrates your mood. Then come back again latter to check on yourself and say if your mood has changed. I hope you'll all be happy at once on this thread.

Relieved: Woke up early and finally finished Steven King's Dark Tower series

Bland contentment. Nothing to do, but not bored.

[insert Zero Punctuation bland guy face here]

Pissed, I have a ton of bullshit busywork for a gen ed class to do and its actively interfering with my ability to focus on important classes. I also just played the citadel DLC, and it was dumb. More like a well written fan fic than something more serious. I'm glad it gives a lot more closure to the characters, but the tone throughout was odd.

...The second one is only mildly irritating though.

I'm fucking pissed and depressed. I can't even win one game out of 10 in chess today. >.>

I'm pretty content now... I don't know how to make that sound interesting XD

Argh. I'll let the picture do the talking...

Distracted... I have a lot of German homework to be doing, and yet I'm here XD

Somewhat annoyed and frustrated. My 360 RR'd, and I was in the middle of Bioshock Infinite.

Not even going to bother getting it repaired again, I'm just going to get the PS3 version of the game.

I also doubt GameStop is going to give me a full refund for the game now even though I just got the game yesterday, so it looks like I just lost myself $60.


I wish I had a job. I only have so much disposable income.

Really, really not happy about the fact that I've now spent a few months playing Dota on and off, and somehow I've managed to get worse at it every time. To the degree that now I can't even play with my friends if they use smurf accounts; I'll still manage to go 2-15, we'll lose hard and it's all my fault every time.

Really happy that I can play some good DOTA now, but only as Zeus. :-(

Must find good characters!

Relieved and somewhat satisfied:

I went to GameStop to get Bioshock Infinite for the PS3. I took the 360 version along with most of the 360 games I had to trade in.

Turned out I still had a lot of credit left over on my account, along with the extra credit I got from the games I turned in, so the game basically paid for itself. I decided to use some of my remaining credit to purchase the PS3 version of Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition.

It's been a surprisingly good day for me so far. :)

I'm happy. I guess I can call myself good using some nukers in DOTA. Still not that good, but I'm getting there. :-)


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