Zombie Apocalypse RP

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Wish I woke up sooner. I wouldn't mind joining one of these. Not to mention all the zombie-esque gore.

Oh well. Sorry me.

Shame. I could envision you being good at this.


Wish I woke up sooner. I wouldn't mind joining one of these. Not to mention all the zombie-esque gore.

Oh well. Sorry me.

Shame. I could envision you being good at this.

I apreciate that. Thanks.

So... We ready yet?

We're still waiting for Galt to finish up the bios.

Yeah, copy pasting takes time, expect them up...soonish. Also, anarchemitis, post a bio so I've got somethign to work with.

Well if I got in tell me my character is on the first page

For the moment you've all been waiting for: The bios


Cpt. Jonathan Galt

After the bombing of Manhattan, Jonathan's company was deployed in Malton to help construct the city's 40-mile long portion of the Redeker Line. As part of Redeker's plan, the city would be well stocked and guarded despite being several hundred miles from the actual line. While the military was reluctant to discuss the nature of the city's defense, Galt figured something was amiss. It was insisted that the city's population remain in town rather than be evacuated. Computer models had also placed the city in the middle of the Atlantic Horde's migration west. Whether the city was to be used as bait or a heroic example, Galt did not know.

When the city walls were breached, Galt was forced to give up the city bit by bit. He still harbors anger towards his superiors for refusing an evacuation and has taken the survivors under his wing. But, he's still a military man and will act in spite his personal qualms. Several have witnessed him callously shoot infected survivors and those who've challenged him are left with a simple ultimatum: stay and obey, or take your chances on the outside.

P. Rain

An EMT working the streets of Malton, Rain's seen some of the most gruesome things you'll find. The dead that breached the walls were nothing compared the bodies he's found lying on the road after an accident. In one such accident outside of town, he found one of the zombies strapped to the seat, trying to worm his way out. The next day, the National Guard deployed and nothing was ever the same. He was relieved to find his old med school buddy, Patrick, still alive and well at the Mall. His mental state is a relatively stable, his career on the road desensitizing him to corpses seems to have paid off in an undead world. However, one cannot be entirely sure what he's thinking, who knows what being around death your whole life can do?

E. Killion

He worked in the movie theatre not far from the mall and sold a few drugs to get by. The proprietor, Hank, even let him stay there when he left home, and in return, Killion spent his paycheck on the shooting games in the arcade. Hank died in the opening hours of the breach, and Killion has become much more introverted since then, although bits of his old personality still show through sometimes. The general consensus among the survivors is that he just needs some time. Note: Killion survived only because he had a small pistol he used to take with him whenever he was dealing, although he picked his clients carefully and had never ran into trouble.

Al 'Bent' Black,

Al used to be an Eagle Scout. He managed to escape Manhattan before the fusion bombs went off and he seems to have a pretty good sense of when trouble is about to brew. He carries his old .22 rifle on him and was able to fend off more than his share of zombies in his trek across the country. He got this far not through the best gear, but through his own overactive survival instinct. His training helped him pick the best places to sleep and kept him alive until he found Caiger Mall. The other survivors regard him with suspicion as he's relatively new to the group and the atrocities he's seen make him less than outgoing.

Patrick Brown

He left his hometown in Pennsylvania a few years ago, moving to this city out in the Rockies so he could achieve a degree in medicine and be near a place to ski all at the same time. As a result of his years in medicine he has a good understanding of how the human body works, and can help people recover from moderate injuries, and his years of skiing have left him with the benefit of a good build and a quick mind. He is fairly skilled in the use of small arms as well, which he learned how to use from firing his dad's pistol at targets during his childhood. He isn't very skilled in hand to hand combat however and generally stays near the rear whenever the group decides to go hunting. His medical ethics often come into contact with Galt's pragmatic view towards the undead. Patrick wishes to restrain infected survivors until evacuation and try to cure them. While these goals are noble, they may one day endanger the whole group.


He is a tall, strong and imposing figure, quite intelligent, and a kind and helpful fellow. He doesn't talk a lot, when he talks it's hard to hear, but he likes to listen to people. He's brutally honest and stubborn in an argument.
He suffers from an unknown mental problem which gives him a terrible working memory, makes him see things, makes him suffer from paranoia and makes him get confused real quick, even though there is nothing wrong with his intelligence. He needs certain medicine to keep this in check
He has a scarred face, which makes him somewhat unattractive and might give you the wrong idea about him. wears baggy jeans with a camo print, and a white, long sleeved shirt.
He used to be in the army, and he fought in a certain war, which might explain his scarring and mental problems. He returned home just in time for the Zombie outbreak on medical discharge. His training kept him out of the infected stomachs until he found sanctuary in Caiger Mall.

However he only has a limited supply of medicine left, and the next batch of medicine won't be able to come any more. Now its just a matter of time before his mental issues kick in, and he'll have another problem on his hands.

Robert Fisk

Working in Pre-Outbreak Malton, Robert was a twitchy, bespectacled, office worker in one of the town's financial firms. When the walls came down, he fled into the Mall, it took him over a week to get over his jitters and join the others. He still clings to his laptop in the hope of normal life returning, but as the ghouls congregate outside, those chances are looking pretty slim.


A fearful 15 year old, "Stompy" was a member of one of the city's youth gangs. His quick mind and steady aim gave him a prominent position as a street leader. He frequented Killion's 'store' before the outbreak and was relieved to see his old buddy had made it out. However, the strain of the situation has made him a bit skiddish and he tries to stay out of the way when something's going down.


A middle aged martial artist from Japan, Andy earned his name when he and a few of his friends were walking the streets one night. Several of the youth gangers pulled a gun on him and attempted to mug him. They left with shattered legs and cracked ribs. This performance showed Andy's friends that he's 'andy in a fight. The name stuck and poor Andy, not knowing enough English to protest, accepted his new title. A few of the less open minded survivors view him with suspicion due to his odd fighting style and strange speech.

Daniel Winters

Dan was your typical geek through high school. With good grades and few friends, he spent most of his time studying and playing video games. Quite skilled with electronics, he made a living repairing computers and small machinery for his neighbors. Once the outbreak started, his parents and friends quickly fell to the zombie onslaught. The strain of the attack snapped something in his mind and he fled to the mall and holed himself up in a sporting goods store. As he began clearing his immediate surroundings of the undead menace, he realized that all his hours playing Time Crisis and Wii Fit had paid off. Dan is still waiting in the mall, biding his time until he can find a way out of this new hell.

Bradley Jones

A male model, he is narcissistic to a fault. The only reason he's survived this long is because of his strict exercise regime and will to preserve his pristine looks, he's left many a would be survivor to their gruesome fates in his mad eyed sprints of self preservation. He is strong and well built however refuses to get close to any zombie or monster in case it would damage his perfect body or worse, he might get bitten and become one of the ugly monstrosities.

Dane Brown

A kind of geeky guy, but lifted weights to gain respect. He is a self-proclaimed conspiracy theorist and his many plans for this day are the reasons he survived so long. He is sarcastic but funny and always helpful except when his life is on the line. He hid himself in the old storage room and crawled around the ducts for a few days before joining the group. He found an old hunting rifle from an infected survivor and found his childhood hunting trips were not as big a waste as he'd thought.


Refusing to give any name other than "Gremlin", there is no doubt the man has become slightly unhinged from his time in the city. He doesn't seem threateningly mad, however, often being very friendly and approachable, and regardless of what social abnormities he's developed, he seems perfectly aware of his surroundings, and does not display any obvious signs of serious mental illness. His left leg is missing below the knee, and he has since rigged up a bizarre contraption to replace the lower leg, consisting of a metallic peg-leg complete with an attachment usually occupied by an alcoholic beverage. He carries a wood-cutting axe on his person and claims to be able to hit a small woodland mammal from twenty metres away by throwing it, but has yet to prove this in any way.

Tommy O'Reilly

A refugee from Manhattan, Tommy holed himself up in a department store in Caiger Mall. When the group found him, he was in the process of constructing a large trap that could only be described as a "freaky ass slip-n-slide" made up entirely of Irish Spring soap crates and an ingenious pulley system. His favored weapon in a fight remains the sack of soap. Thus, the survivors named him Irish as having everyone say 'Yeah, Really' when someone calls for you gets annoying.

However, something about him seems odd, as if he's not entirely responsible for his idiosyncrasies.


Steve had survived. He had made it through the apocalypse. He was resourceful, cunning, and incredibly good looking, or so he kept telling everybody. Before the virus struck, Steve had been a lawyer, a real sharky bastard of a lawyer. Divorces were his specialty. He'd rob the men blind, bang their hot wives, and take his large quota of the winnings.

Steve didn't see the dilemma people had with shooting these things. They weren't human, they weren't real, they were just crazy, and wanted to kill you. He was pretty sure that half of the deaths from the virus were people who just simply didn't have the balls to shoot their infected "friends." Steve didn't have any "friends" who wanted to cut him open, and eat his insides. This nonchalantly callous attitude often rubbed some of the others the wrong way, he seemed arrogant and unconcerned with the survival of anyone else.

Laura Marks

Preceding the outbreak she was a talent scout, who would travel a lot looking for new bands. She had married a musician, but he was often on tour and she seemed to always be out of town on the job. When their schedules did overlap he was abusive; she still had a scar on her right cheek from a point he had made. Her sister had lived in Malton and Laura had come to stay for a while until she found a new place. Other than her job, she loved gardening and archery. She's not afraid to get her hands dirty, but she prefers the grace of an arrow flying through the air at it's target.
She arrived in Malton just as the outbreak occurred. Her luggage was still 'en route' so she only had the essentials with her. Failing to contact her sister, she made her way to the mall, and loaded up on food and arrows.

She doesn't trust people as much as she did before she got married, but she wants to feel she belongs somewhere and regain hope for humanity. She's a little naive; so used to the idealistic views of musicians, but is still tough and resilient.


An andrenaline junkie staying in Malton for a ski vacation, Saskwach has always loved danger. The coming apocalypse just gives him one more chance to narrowly dodge the Grim Reaper and have the most fun possible. His nihilistic views can be depressing in an already bleak situation, but his antics, while insane, are often joked about over a round of salvaged beer from the food court. He's generally at the front of the action, swinging wildly and trying to get his next fix.

Johnny Harper

Johnny harper, also known as "The quiet one", was a local convenience store operator of the age 20, and by operator it meant he ran the late shift. Usually he fixed the broken machines and restocked the shelves as he was not really a people person and did not make friends easily. He had a shaky past, his mother had died at the hands of a jealous Ex and his father had been in prison ever since for attempted murder, he throttled the guy with a chair. This left Johnny as an orphan, a socially inept orphan.

When the "outbreak" hit, Johnny was running the late shift as usual when he heard the news report over the radio, Immediately he traversed to the meeting point and has been living with the survivors ever since. The young man is a useful and reliable person, although his past is shady and full of violence. He is rather good at repairs and can operate most kinds of machinery, he also carries a hunting knife on his waist. He is not a fighter, only a civilian which explains his lack of fire arms training.

This is all you've been able to gather on the others. Perhaps it's the full story, perhaps not. Only time will tell.


To set the scene:

The group is in the entrance plaza. They're busily piling up more and more debris to fill the gap caused by an earlier incursion. Rain is attending to Irish who appears to have been hurt. Rain repeatedly reassures Galt that Irish has not developed any of the symptoms of viral infection but the situation is still grave. Medical supplies are running low and Killion hasn't been heard from since he was sent across the mall to grab some bandages. Finally, Galt hears his radio chirp and brings it to his ear.

"Hey, John, we've got a situation here." Killion chimes in.

"What's wrong? Have you spotted a break in?"

"No, nothing like that, I see a chopper from where I am now, looks...military. I think they're going to land! Galt, we've got our ticket out of here!"

"Send up a flare, try to get their attention."

Galt hears the sound of the flare's discharge followed by several seconds of silence. A loud explosion is heard over the radio.

"Oh my God..."

"Killion, what's going on?"

"They've...crashed...slammed right into the courtyard. Galt, get someone out here now, I think something's moving..."

Thanks for the starter, I couldn't think of anything/OOC

*Killion snaps out of it, grabs the first aid he found, and starts running full speed towards the crash*

"Get Patrick! We need some help here!" Killion yells into his radio.

*A thought strikes Killion and he reaches into his dark blue hoody for his gun as he runs*

If there was one thing his rough life had taught him, it was that one can never be too careful.

OOC: Thanks for letting me in the club Galt. I feel like a VIP in this here mall. Which character am I, though? If you need a bio I'll bodge one together quickly but I think you'd do a better job so I trust you to invent something. Besides, I like being forced into roles I would never have taken otherwise. If you need an idea (and it hasn't been taken) I like the idea of a nihilistic bastard who is just in it for the fun of messing with the others' heads. He might not last long but oh well.
And thanks Iceman 23 for the kind offer.

No problem Saskwach. Now onto the story itself.

Patrick checked his first aid kit, with that chopper down someone might be in need of aid, once he had confirmed that everything that was left was still intact. He checked the .357 revolver his father had given him before he had left home so many years ago. He wondered what was happening with his parents right now... if they were still...

The radio cracked to life "Get Patrick! We need some help here!"

He snapped out of it, there would be time for worrying later, he was needed.

Laura was lifting a plasma screen onto the pile as Killion's voice came through the radio. "Oh no," she said, grunting and putting the television into place. She gripped her bow and stood up straight. "Galt, do you think I should go?"

Whoops, can't beleive I forgot about Saskwach.

Back in character:

"Yes. Don't go near the wreck though. I don't care if there are survivors inside, don't investigate it. If anything gets out, be prepared to shoot it. Pilots don't just crash and burn like this."

"The hell?"

Steve had heard an explosion outside. He wasn't really sure what was going on, but everybody else was rushing to the windows and doors, trying to see what was going on. From what he heard from his seat in the drugstore, some sort of helicopter had just exploded outside.

It wasn't good, but Steve was still smiling to himself. A helicopter meant a way out, and he wanted in. He was probably also smiling because of the large amount of prescription drugs he had just given himself, much to the behest of the two doctors, but he was trying to forget that. What was important was the helicopter, and if that girl was interested in the helicopter, old Stevie was going to at least show some interest as well.

"Anybody need any help?"

Irish lay on the ground, Rain attending to his shoulder. That bugger of a zombie got the jump on him. He had been scrounging around the department store, looking for a washing machine to block the doors with. Then, out of nowhere, some lady in a business suit bit him on the shoulder. He was thankful that Sig had been with him to assist in the heavy lifting...and pry the woman off of him.

While the mountain of a man was disposing of his assailant, Irish knew he was in danger. Thinking quickly, he reached into his bag and pulled out a bar of soap. "Hasn't failed me yet" he thought to himself. Grimacing, he shoved the bar into the open wound. "This should last me until one of those paramedics can look at it", he joked to Sig. As always, the large man just stood there silently. "Just me luck to be stuck with a mute."

"You're either a genius, or insane" Rain chuckled, finishing off the last stitch in his shoulder. "There appears to be no critical damage, and you've managed to stave off infection. Just be more careful next time. Now lie down for a bit and rest up, you've lost a fair bit of blood."

"Sure thing, doc" Irish replied, leaning back on the linoleum floor.

OOC: Sorry if my posts are not as frequent as in other roleplays...Last week of college semester = too much work. Feel free to use my character if you wish (But nothing that will get me killed....I'm looking at you, Gremlin :P)

"But what if it has medical supplies? Surely the helicopter wouldn't have more than 2 infected?"

"She's right!"

Steve immediately jumped in.

"And we need supplies for that Irish fella, the one who likes soap."

Doing his best to smile to the girl, Steve also tried to look heroic and manly within a degree, but the man mountains around him weren't helping.

"Bastards, ruining my chances..."

Steve muttered to himself.

"We need to get out there, and see what we can scavenge from the helicopter. We could probably to use it to get a ticket out of here!"



Sorry, couldn't resist. :P

"Relax, Steve." Al piped in. "The helicopter crashed into the courtyard. I haven't seen the damage, but I highly doubt we're getting out that way."

He loaded his rifle. "Now let's not waste any more words and look at the crash site."

Dane agree's with Al but is worried about his decison. He thens starts to speak "Lets see what Galt thinks before getting to hasty" he turns to Galt and asks "What do you think we should do" steadying his rifle.

"The longer we wait, the worse the situation will get. Let's go and we'll improvise once we're there." She put her hair into a ponytail and then picked up her bow again. "Who's coming?"

Dane replies "Ok im coming" as he says so he starts to load his rifle. When hes done he makes a sarcastic joke in a attempt to lighten the mood.

Al mumbled a curse under his breath. "Technically, it's Galt's call. But if no one objects, I'll come as well. Don't worry," he assured her, "I didn't get this far by being careless. Besides, it's not a good idea to go anywhere alone these days. I got a bad vibe about this whole chopper thing..."

"I'm coming" said Patrick, strapping his first aid kit to his waist and placing his revolver in its holster "There may be survivors that need help."

Out of character: alright boys and girls, its 1 am where I live right now, so I've got to get to sleep, try not to use my character for anything major while I'm out.

Dane turns to Patrick and replies "Thats true but what about the zombies dont you think they will be atracted to the pilots".

"Survivors or not, a medic will be useful," Laura said in a rushed manner. "We don't know what's happened to Killion."

Dane replies "Yes that is true, I got an idea lets try and see the reckage from here and devise a plan"

"Enough dilly-dallying," Al said. "Captain, I'm going to take Laura, Dane, Patrick, and myself to investigate the crash site. The sooner we back up Killion the better. Now let's move, people!"

Dane goes into a quick trance then comes back to reality and yells "YA LETS DO THIS" running up to Al excitingly

Laura held back a chuckle that somebody used the term 'dilly-dallying' and, restoring a serious tone, said "Right behind you."

OCC: I dont know if you saw just incase um blackadvent Patrick isnt here i would believe.

"Alright fine, Patrick's out. Now for the love of God, let's move! Killion's probably wondering where the crap his backup is."

Dane watches Laura walk over. His manly behaviour gets the better of him.

Dane follows Al's orders and runs for the door. One final thought goes through his mind and he says "Everyone if I or the others dont make it back BLOCK THE DOORS"

His manly behaviour gets the better of him.

OOC: Uh, what does this mean?

OOC: If I'm not mistaken... he was checking you out.

OCC: Watch superbad and see the character Mclovin. The character Dane is a guy what do you think he is doing men have urges im just trying to put that into the story how long do you think these guys have been there with a girl and they never checked her out i dont think so.

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