Ctrl+V game. Let's see what secrets our clipboard holds.

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Well I got this. Without posting it[1], I can't remember what video it is. I think it's Hate (I really don't like you) by the Plain White T's

[1] Too lazy to preview

And hey, said and asked sometimes gets boring, they speak more expressively, don't they?

-Uh? Now I'm confused.
--Although that's a good song ^


Heh, Sinatra.
Good way to clas up the joint but I dont remember why I copied this


For a different thread here.


I mentioned Light Novels, and when asked about them linked to this article.

guessArray[i] = guessIn.Substring(i, 1);

In the middle of coding a For Loop in C# where the characters of guessIn are being put into the array guessArray. I was copy/pasting cause I have to do the same thing to another array and didn't feel like retyping. I'm fairly certain there's a better way to convert a string to an array of characters than this, but this suits my needs perfectly fine, so why rock the boat.


How boring - my captcha was more interesting.


"I've come to realize that I have a duty to use my limited competence to have a partial effect on the world, from time to time." -Elan

Erm...apparently I was quoting Order of the Stick. :P

Hmm... absolutely nothing again...

Nice, another last post in my clipboard, this one is a message for an RP group which I copied before posting in case somehow it failed and I lost the whole thing!


Since that seems the best idea, in order it will be. Sean said after his last post that he had problems with his connection, so since he hasn't been on for 4 days this might be the same issue. I'm going to make a decision here, if he doesn't post tonight then Dragoniser and Sporky can post tomorrow (1st Feb) if you so wish.

Note: Until further notice the order shall be: Lily, Rezetta, Takeda, Maya.

Gabriel will keep the place of whereever SamuelT decides to bring him back, naturally Alec and Dr. Strauss will remain seperate until they meet the others. Plot posts will inserted whenever needed, but I'll generally try to give each player a chance to react to one first before another is brought in.

Nice. :P


Note to self kill next door neighbour and everyone he holds dear. MUHWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

[color=orange] because I have to color my text orange all teh time

That size is impressive. Completely impractical, but impressive.


a quand même

sometimes I translate my French friends facebook status to see what she's up to.

It holds... The most entertaining thread I've seen for a while.



Forum code for joining up lol

Instructions are patterns of bits that by physical design correspond to different commands to the machine.

Oh yes, computing H/W...

I couldn't be bothered to type it out.

I know he likes pokemon...

boo! i thought i had something more interesting...


Well that's something else. ^_^


A link I was sending a friend to try to prove how ridiculous that site really is...


I love Snoopy. XD

Oh look, something from the "Every Post must have a Picture" thread (which is really just the Red Thred by now).


Another link I was sending to a friend, this one in reply to finding out that he had to cancel a party at his house because his parent's holiday had been cancelled :-(

acho bazaar

a game that caused a very awkward conversation in chat xD


I guess I'm lucky that it wasn't the "D*** in a Box" video.


I was gonna say that upon arriving at the SCP Foundation IRC chat, but Mibbit wasn't working for me. Those who are familiar with the SCP articles will get the joke.


Ah, a youtube code!

Ai-je besoin de le préciser pour vous, Sparrow?

when google translate meets RP!


Because this is something worth noting :3

Adeunt etiam optima.


See, in the end, all we can do is look at where we are, at where we're standing, and say we will not allow this, here. Over there has to stand for itself, has to speak for itself. Because it's only when over there becomes here that we can stop this once and for all. -Superman

Ooh, Superman quote. I've been working on randomizing my signature quote in Gmail and I guess I needed one of them for something or other.


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