Ctrl+V game. Let's see what secrets our clipboard holds.

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I've got nothing today... How odd.

Double post >_>;


...for...you know...the picture battle thread...


The first thing I thought of was 'Nanananananananana Bushmaaan. Bushmaaan.'
Though I don't think that series would have been as popular as Batman ^ ^;

Its a link to a motherboard Im looking at...

Urban Dictionary:
wtfhax 148 up, 20 down
What The Fuck Hacks. Used to express suprise, and to accuse someone of hacking (cheating), in an online game.
He just pulled off a headshot from the other side of the map! WTFHAX!

XD you guys don't want to know.

"Gods of War by Manowar"

look at that, i was looking up manowar.

Why?.... i really dont know.


For some reason, everytime I ctrl+c something, right after I open up a new tab and copy the "about:blank" URL. Covering my tracks I guess.

"I'll fly up the walls and I'll spend money on it!"

I was changing my msn name

Creepy! But in a good way...

-Responding to someone's avitar in the Gaia Online Avitar Arena.

The Eryngium, an aphrodisiac and symbolizes newlyweds and Chist's passion.

Whoo for bad grammer!~

Oh shi-
It was a friend's email address.
But I'm not cruel enough as to post it in a forum XD
Even though I know you guys would be too considerate to even think of harassing them...
^ ^;


Posted it on the Ghost Poll in off-topic discussions earlier

one of the best songs ever
about zombies

I don't get it, how does this game work?

dalek sec:
I don't get it, how does this game work?

Its simple. Go to the reply to thread part and press ctrl + v. it should paste the last thing you copied (text wise) in there. then you post it with an explanation


A clip from the torchwood episode called "Sleeper". The gang panics as the phones are down and things get snarky.

cam up something like ADSSDWSSDQWEWA AAAA!!!! SADKAS HOOO HOOO HOO! i think it was a quote from my skype talk

"quod erat demonstrandum" (literally, "that which was to be demonstrated")

That was from Wikipedia, for a retort on the User reveiws.


A shirt I've wanted for a while was reprinted, I was showing it to a friend.
I'm giddy with anticipation, I want it!


Tee hee, the whistling part's stuck in my head.

The Escapist:

(boring huh? ill have something fun for next time)

Huh, you know I'm not sure why that is there. He is following me! Putting his own name on my clipboard when I look away. I'm on to you Anarchemitis.

New avatar, eh, Bob?
Oh. That's a picture for the 4Chanian wars.

Mm.. vi tar det långsamt också.

lol. Swedish. Quite the private conversation too. x)

lul C-paste fuhtuhwuh ( fergot i posted this earlier with C-paste)


That would be a link to Summernight City, people. Posted it in that thread about cover songs.


Okay I have no idea why that was in my clip board.

So... what up with that?

The Abemaster:
Logicain, i put a Q mark because i'm a random person in real life and on computer and well everywhere really so it kind of personifies me but its your judgment...

(i give you an 8, maybe 9 if you tell me where the image is from...)

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. A completely AWESOME game. The character is male ffs, and is one of the coolest evar. Soren, or Senerio, is his name. He's one of the branded. (L)

Ouch. An entire post. And he misspelled Logician (among other things). My eyes. >:(


--Apparently, I've been coding. With Windows!


Ah yes... Martel. Serenity and beauty. <3

lul C-paste fuhtuhwuh ( fergot i posted this earlier with C-paste)

Please don't talk like that, I like to think The Escapist still has a shred of dignity sperating it from the rest of the internet; plus it is hard to read and just sounds stupid.

So uhh, I see tons of PSP games, like God of War, that Warhammer 40k game, patapon, Force unleashed, Metal Gear portable ops, Crisis Core, etc.

Is it really neglected or am I out of the loop?

I got ninja'd and edited the quote into the post so it didn't sound like I was talking to someone I wasn't.

'Forgiven' by Disturbed

Recommended by Ultrajoe to listen to while reading his post in the 4Chan Wars thread.

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