Ctrl+V game. Let's see what secrets our clipboard holds.

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I'm being serious, that was all I pasted.

Rock You Like A Hurricane.

Well. Erm. That was suprising really.


.........Damn you


Hex translate this if you want to know what it means.

Chapter 108

I can't even remember what this was from, but I'd bet it has something to do with either Death Note, LOST, or Buddhism.


Err... don't ask.


Wow, my brother was on here before me, not sure what he was doing.

Stavros Flatley


ctrl-v= 125829120
O.o numbers


I couldn't remember how to spell an outlandish word...

The famed Fluvius Camillus made some significant changes to the armament of the legion according to traditional Roman view. As the bronze helmets proved to be inadequate protection against the long swords of the barbarians, the Romans credited him with the issue of helmets made of iron with a polished surface to cause the swords to be deflected. (Though bronze helmets were later re-introduced.)

I was doing some research.


Hex translate this if you want to know what it means.

You took that from my post, didn't you? ;-)
Mine is from an RP before it got started up:

Oh shit, now I have an audience? This is gonna be tough! It's not even off the first page and I'm babbling! Um...um...fuck!
Ram! Get back here and give me something to ramble about!
*falls onto floor and starts shaking*

I wasn't sure if it'd post correctly...


It's repetitive stuff in Autohotkey that I can't be bothered to type out every time.



Этот быть Спартаковец

I was resetting my password for a website and this was in the email... I have changed it from this since though :)

Franz Ferdinand- Take Me Out

I was copying and pasting songs to practice on my bass.


Ah, yes. From my failed attempt at a forum game yesterday. . . this has got to be the mother of all necro's

TH3-M4ST3R - Was the Clan Leader on the online game i was playing.

Some guy (after attacking me) decided i was to join his clan...I was like, Im already in one (its quite obvious) and thats the leader. Send him a message for alliances.

ctrl-v= 125829120
O.o numbers

Your a natwest compamy user? Thats a bank code.



Half a link?


The link to the new letter that was sent by Mann Co.

Sandvich is perfect fuel for killing puny cowards

Hm? Nothing.

i'd like to have sex with animals

One of my friends had it in his MSN name, so I copied it, and copied it in MSN and asked him what it was about. The following conversation was, as you could've guessed it, about sex. With animals. Bunnies and a cat, to be exact.

the king of pop is right behind you

no idea what that was from. it actually made me look behind me 0.o

Perfectly Able Night Crawlers Are Knowledgable Eternal Shoes.


I think that's from another forum game



hooters, cooters, tutors, computers

I think that was a friend of mine who recently used the computer


Oh look, it's my Kerrick

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