Winds of Fate - - Chapter 2: Ancient Mystery

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Winds of Fate will be a low-fantasy forum RPG I'll be beginning within the next week or so. The general information and rules have been outlined here. If there are any questions or suggestions, I would love to hear from you in a PM.

I would like to reiterate that all these rules are subject to change if I get suggestions, ideas, etc.

NOTE: Not all characters will be accepted. I'm hoping to have at least three and at most eight people involved in this game. Below three will go too slow, and above eight will become an excessive hassle for me. SO, if you're truly interested in joining, make your character seem interesting. And it couldn't hurt to offer ideas and help with rule fabricating.

*EDIT* When I say percentile chances, I will be using a pair of ten-sided dice, available at any hobby shop.

This seems cool, let me read more into the characters and I will make a Character sheet, save a spot for me though.


Character Sheet:

Edit: Awesome, Fang =D It's been too long.
Hey Figment! =) It's good to see you again, and participate in the same RP. It's great to be able to be active again. ^_^

I'll try this. Besides, this seems like the perfect chance to use fang lee again.

I'll post my character sheet up soon.

Edit: I'm happy that Fang's back. Hey Higurashi! You're right, it has been too long.
Yay Fang! Besides her clothes and backstory she's just the same as before.

New information!
Due to a bit of correspondence with Higurashi, we've constructed a fourth class to be considered.

If any issues are seen with this class, feel free to PM me.

To inform everyone else, magic WILL be obtainable later in the game. This by no means makes it AUTOMATIC. Should you be lucky enough to stumble across a well of power, however... there's no telling what may happen.

IN ADDITION: As we now have three confirmed players, the game will begin in approximately one week. At that time, I will inform you of your character's positions, relative knowledge of the area, and monetary wealth.

As no new characters seem to be flowing in, play will begin this Saturday. The initial post will be put up around 8:00 PM Pacific Standard Time (Seattle, WA time). I'm not sure of the GMT of that, but OWELL.

Anyways, in said post, I will declare the starting location of each character, UNLESS it has already been named/referred to. I will also make a beautiful map (by which I mean MS Painted piece-o-dung) and add it to the original post, for future reference. It is subject to editing as the game goes on, of course.

NOTE: Characters are still being accepted. They will be accepted until Saturday, 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. After that, characters must be PMed to me for previous approval before assimilation into the game.

Ooh, double post. =3
Oh, goodie. The sooner we begin, the better. ^_^
A map is something all RP's (that have a use for it) should have. Good initiative!
PST is GMT -8. I'm GMT +1. Not that it matters.

Incredibly horribly made map is now complete.


Blue - Water (Oceans and rivers)
Light Brown/gold - Mountainous region
Light Green - Forest
Dark Green - Plains/non-descript terrain
White - Paths and roads
Black Squares - Towns and cities
Grey squares - Villages, hostels, etc.
Orange - Badlands (Deserts, scrag, etc.)
Dark red - Hilly


In case you couldn't read the text, Sheia is northernmost, Urdan southernmost, Milia in the middle.

I will now inform you all where your characters stand at this particular moment. For safety's purpose, please do not use information from other character's opener for your own uses; your character's, unless noted in the opener, have no knowledge of each other.

As this is a Game Master controlled game, please limit posts to one per day, unless doing menial tasks or conversing with each other. When posting your character's method of spending his/her turn, day, or whatever, please put, in all-caps, ACTION POST at the top of the post, to ease the flow for me.

Other than that, let the games begin! Here's to a great game!

Of all the ages he read of. Of all the stories and things he learned and the immense vocabulary he had learned to control and use at his whim, the only word that came to his bleak mind was; pain.

He slowly opened his eyes to see the bright blue sky above him. He was laying on his back on a grassy hill.

He reached under his back and pulled out a rack that had caused him the pain and tossed it down one side of the hill lightly.

It was a while before he had his thoughts in order, during which time he did not so much as move.

They had found out. How? Was he ratted out? Who had Tiberius told? No one! He alone knew of his hatred.

Except her.

That louse of a painted maypole! She told them didnt she?!

Tiberius calmed himself. I will know soon enough.

All of these thoughts rushed through his mind at the speed of light, not stopping until his mind was silent again. No words drifted idle. No thoughts of government or office. no mathematic calculations of deals and sale. No pondering on the topics of old. No new strategies to test on the fencing line. Nothing. Silence in his benumbed mind.

Your challenge shall wear you more than you can imagine...

He sat up to look around.


Tiberius gets up and looks around, getting a general veiw from the top of the small hill in 360 degrees, seeing things in general detail as to where he is and what surrounds him.

'What was that all about?' Fang thought, watching the flame pulse with her breath.

'That guy....what happened to him? Did they drug him? Should i have left him there?'

Fang then starts tossing her dagger again. She didn't know why she was worried about the guy. It wasn't as if he was important anyways. Now then...on to more important things. Things like....what she would do to the old coot when she comes across him again.

Maybe she could hang him from the side of a building by his thumbs....Nah, too much work. Maybe she could light his house on fire....nope, too mean. She didn't want to accidentally kill the urdan guards would be hot on her tail. Maybe.....

'Relax fang, you'll think of the perfect punishment as soon as you crossed him again.' said a little voice(probably her consious but who knows) in her head. 'Now then, how about something sweet?'

She did want something sweet but she knew better. Her men would never give her sweets again after what happened last time....sure her trashing the house of a politition during her sugar high was funny but it had also nearly gotten her and her friends killed.

Man...she wished she could live in a house like the one she trashed. It certainly would be better that living on the streets.

'Then maybe you should help that guy back there then.' said another little voice in her head.(I was wrong, this is her consious. Then, what's her other voice? Oh, her greedy voice that tries to cause trouble.)

"And why should i? And further more, how is that relevant to what i was thinking?"

'Because he looked rich so maybe if you saved him he'll give you money.'

'And if not then you can take it by force.' said the greedy voice.

"It's a plan then." Fang said. "I go and get that guy."

Action Post

She walks out of her tent and tells her men that she's going to investigate something that's bothering her before she walks towards where the guy was.

Ilyana peered cautiously at the slumped body in the dirt. It was not nearly as hot as she had read some deserts could be, and almost pleasant when the sun was down. Nevertheless, she had walked for days, and even though she was strong, she was reaching her limits, and she noticed her thoughts and actions becoming more desperate. She reminded herself of this fact as she decided she would sneak closer to examine the body. The other went west, where she knew there would be civilisation. Namely, the closest town would have to be... Urdan. Her thoughts were clouded by weakness, and her provisions were long gone. She didn't mind the sweat and minor inconveniences any more though. Guess she had learned some from this ordeal as well.
What had those individuals done to this one, however? An offering? She knew much of ancient and modern rituals, but human sacrifice, if this was one, was not acceptable by any civilisation as far as she knew.


Sneak up and examine the body (scan).

Weather report: It is twilight - the sun has nearly fallen from the sky. There are no clouds over the immediate surroundings, although a gray mass has accumulated over the western mountains.

Not entirely surprised the man was alive, Ilyana contemplated showing herself. He seemed frightened and perplexed, and, more importantly, unarmed. On the other hand, so was she, and probably even more weakened than him. On the third hand, if there was one, they were both in a perilous situation. What would he gain from being hostile?

She decided to gamble, partially out of desperation. That meat was just waiting for her.


Stand up and cautiously introduce herself to the man as Nanase, a victim of the attack on a small town to the east.

'Nice! The bastards probably rich!' said the greedy voice.

Fang didn't really know how rich he was or why he was dumped here but she kept her pace towards him regardless. He seemed to have already seen her so it was too late to turn back.

'Maybe he's a criminal.' said her conscious.

'Great. Now you think of that. Now then, both of you, shut up!' thought Fang. 'If he is a criminal then he should be welcome company for us....unless he's a murderer or a rapist, then I'll have to run him through.'

'What about the people who left him here?' said one of the voices?

'They are long gone, now hush.'

Action Post

She then gets to the bottom of the hill and walks up to the guy. Introduces herself as Lee to the guy.

Michael sees someone, or something making their way to him.

Its obviously help. Michael concluded.

"HE-" He started to shout stopping himself.

IDIOT! He thought! It is part of this, test. He is finding me out.

Too late now.


He sits back down and gropes for a rock and holds it in his hand in case of a lack of courtisies and awaits the man.

Michael/Tiberius stared at the woman who he could not make out the features of.

"What do you want? The both of you?" He stated, darting between the two.

He leapt up, his head still pounding, arm at the ready to throw the heavy rock.

When he stood he noticed both of them were pretty well armed and glearing. And that they were women.

Dropping the rock and succumbing to embaressment he stuttered,
"Oh, escuse me Ladies, I thought you both some bunch of brigands out to accost me as I knelt by this hillside. I apologize for so violently upstarting. My name is Tiberius although some people find it funny to call me Michael for no particular reason. How do you do?"

He asked this last question hestiantly, waiting for an aswer from the two...

Shocked, Ilyana's pulse raced, and she felt light-headed.

"I..." She managed to utter, before her legs failed her.

The strain of her ordeal proved too much in this climax, and she collapsed on her knees. The world went utterly dark and cold as her eyes rolled back into her skull, and she was completely alone. Her body fell to the ground with the help of gravitational forces and her head landed on a jagged rock. Blood began seeping unto the ground, soaking the argent strands of her hair and flowing over her eyelids.

In her mind's eye, however, there was chaos. Fire. It always began with fire. Why couldn't it begin with something nice... like the wind?
Her conscience was disembodied, and back on the grassy garden of her lost home. The emerald sheets of silken, newly, and with precision, cut grass soothed the bare skin of her feet as she looked around in amazement. This couldn't be, could it? She was too excited to care.

Happy, she pranced around in the grass, wheeling now and then. And there came Mother Carcino, just like she always did, to tell her dinner was ready. She'd join her and all the other children at the huge, long table in the crude dining room. As she stepped onto the cold marble floor, it was somehow soothing. Touching the walls, a tickling sensation ran through her fingers. And there they all were. Oscar, Nanase, Elincia, Kieran , Bastian, Lucia and all the others. Her...


Without quarter, the arch opposite to her in the room, leading out into the corridor and the main of the orphanage, suddenly exploded in merciless, searing fire. Large stones of the architecture flew across the room, and smoke obscured her vision as she and Mother Carcino whimpered and shielded their eyes. It wouldn't matter, however, as they were thrown back by the boulders that hit their abdomen.

Sent tumbling in the grass, Ilyana rose quickly, absolute terror filling her eyes as all she saw as far as her eyes reached was a blazing inferno. Snapping, she tried to help Mother Carcino up.

"Mother! Mother! Get up! We have to get out of here! MOTHER!"

She grabbed the body and pulled and dragged with all her might, but she was weak and helpless. Mother wouldn't move. She, in stead, slumped to the ground, limp as wet flour bread. There was blood on Ilyana's hands. She gasped and looked at her trembling hands as tears began flooding her vision. Then she ran. She ran until her veins pumped fire. She ran until her heart threatened to burst out of chest. And she ran until her legs would carry her no more.

Then she wept. She wept until she would have no more tears to weep ever again, and the cold, hard stones on which she wept were her only companions.


Ilyana, use pass out!
Ilyana passes out...

OOC: And now for his opener

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"What do you want? The both of you?" the man said ready to throw the rock.

Fang looked at him with a raised eyebrow. "He can't be serious..." fang thought, "I had blades thrown at me, blades that were thrown by expert Marksmen i might add, and here was a weak moneybag about to try to throw a rock at me. Idiot. Better not say that around him though, not if i want to coaxs some money out of the poor guy. "

"Oh, escuse me Ladies, I thought you both some bunch of blah blah blah blah blah, blahblahblah blah blah. blah blah blah violently blah blahblahblah(i love copy/paste). Blah blah Tiberius blah blah blah blah Micheal blah no particular reason. How do you do?"

"Seems he wised up. Well then..." She thought.

'What about the girl?' thought the greedy voice.

"What of her? I mean look at her. She couldn't hurt a fly. And she wouldn't dare of getting a fortune out of him cause, if on the off chance she does, she'll end up with a knife in her ribs."

"I'm good, what about you?" She says before she sees the girl fall.

"What the? What happened to her?" Fang said, seeing the blood and starting to feel bad about thinking of sticking her with a dagger.

Dwight waited another 15 minutes and Boss came back.

"We made a deal with the Noble. He will pay us 100 gold a month (I assumed that was a high amount of money but idk the economy structure that well) for us to spare his life" Said Boss

"What the hell are you talking about" replied Dwight enraged. "He is a spoiled bitch who deserves nothing more than death. And that's what I will give him"

"Dwight dont" replied Boss
Dwight didnt care though and


Dwight walked away from boss and went to talk to the Noble

*EDIT* Remember, Figment; no more ACTION POSTS until the others take theirs.

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Okay here is my first post.
I'm hoping that its better...

Awaiting in the darkness of night Dwight waited for Boss to come back.
Dwight sat there thinking of what they could possibly be talking about hoping that soon the noble would be stabbed and die.
Hoping that she was just getting all the information she needed from him so she could kill him.
It seemed like forever but nothing different happened.
I looked around my surroundings and saw the town and some trees.

He stared at the noble but couldn't see his face.

He imagined it looked like a pigs and was disappointed that a tail didn't stick out of the back of his ass.

Looking at the noble also reminded Dwight of his past. That night when the thugs came and killed everyone and everything Dwight ever loved. And how after that the nobles told him to Fuck off and offered no help to him. How after everything his father did for them the greedy bastards wouldn't help him.

Dwight wanted vengeance and he wanted that pig face down in the dirt with his curly tail sticking up


Dwight sat there and continued to wait for something to happen between Boss and the Noble Pig

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