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So I've been on this site for quite awhile now but I've never created a forum game, until now. So the idea came to me with all these threads (you all know the topic) that are just bound to be locked. This reminded me of the "In before the lock" gifs so I thought this would be a fun idea to get started. So everyone, what are you in before?

I shall start us off of course

In before the Zombie Apocalypse

In before dragging to see what caused my death.

In before the howler monkeys

Taking the opportunity to post this now..

INB4 the abbrev.

In before that Fillion


In before Godwin's Law.

Neuromancer's a Nazi!

INB4 J Jonah Jameson.

In before people calling Teoes out for political correctness.

In before mod's attention on thread.

INB4 gender politics/LGBT equality.

In before J-E-F-F-E-R-S rant(logical rant I might say) about Nintendo.

In before gravity takes over.

In before the thread sink

In before someone posts a video.

Inb4 a Spambot!

In before mods arrive to take away the fun.

In before gun ownership rant

In before someone gets a warning

In before thread? Why not in before Zoidberg?


Inb4 Stealth Rocks.

In before the blarg

In before second page.

In before the bees.

In before Neronium.

Inb4 a smilie.



Ehh erm, In before the call for help.

In before the banhammer.

Inb4 the loose seal!

In before the raving lunatics

In before the sloths

In before Anita Sarkeesan.

Inb4 someone fails to understand the rules.

In before turning the thread into a chat room.

In before the title change

In before annoying poster destroying the Escapist as we know it

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