The Meaning of Liff -The defining game

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Inspired by the book of the same name, penned by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd, the game is a simple and silly one.


User 1 Will post a made up word like -Melathonium-

User 2 Will then make up a definition and dictate whether it is a Noun, adjective, Verb or anything of the like.
Bonus points are awarded if you can use the word in a sentence. Then they will post their own made up word


User 1- xxX1337killerXxx
Melathonium (noun) The rating given to the crispness of leaves.
The melathonium levels where high for this time of year.

What does Santicargo mean?

User 2- Ponifan1788
Santicargo (Verb) The act of stubbing your toe on a nail beneath a carpet and then not being able to find it again.
John was about to Santicargo but remembered that wearing shoes was advisable on this carpet.

What does Rendish mean?

And so on.........

I'll go first.

Rendish-(adjective): To say something is potentially edible but you are unsure.
Nanna had some rendish cooking tonight.

What does aledne mean?

Aledne (Noun): A spongy, lime-coloured vegetation that can be found covering enchanted ponds.

Example sentence: "Margaret, the fucking aledne's killed all the fish again!"

What does Filispy mean?

Filispy (adjective) Potentially foolhardy.
"I dunno mate, that plans a bit Filispy"

What does zitaj mean?

Zitaj (Noun): An ancient string instrument, similar to a sitar, played by high-ranking musicians in the days of the Raj.

Example sentence: "Let me play you the tune of my people with my zitaj, sahib."

What does Klangrbadzst mean?

Klangrbadzst (Verb) An ancient swear word of great severity, owing to how hard it is to say.
You Klangrbadzst!

What does muzrj mean?

Muzrj (Noun): Ancient fortress city of the eastern dwarves.

Example sentence: "I'm off on an expedition to Muzrj, care to join me?"

What does Djinglee mean?

Djinglee (adjective): A colour between the shades of green and purple that can not be seen by the human eyes. Only Pugs can see it.

"Do you like my Djinglee dress, Jake?"
Pug: ........... (because dogs can't talk)

What does repiurty mean?

Fuckin' ninjas!

Repiurty (Noun): The party that has reported an improper activity, usually in the form of corruption.

Example sentence: "Comrades, today your commander's incompetence was brought to my attention by the People's Repiurty. I shall now be assuming direct control."

What does Blargh mean?

Blargh (Noun): An exclamation indicating that one has absorbed or is emitting a quantum of unhappiness.

"I don't feel very well, blargh."

Thank you, actual online dictionaries!

What is a sforyh?

sforyh (Adjective): An describing word that is often linked to the weight of a starfish.

This is a very sforyh starfish.

What does lenning mean?

Lenning (Noun): The protective fencing or wall around the edge of a wombat enclosure.

Example sentence: "Mate, don't lean over the lenning, you'll fall in and the wombats'll have you."

What does Fallillakins mean?

Fallillakin (Noun): A race of sub-humans known for their weak immune systems and two left feet.

The Fallillakins died of Dance Fever. Srs.

What does Crapse mean?

Crapse (Noun): The experience of suddenly imagining ones self dancing.

"Can you repeat what you just said? I just had a crapse."

What does Beckarg mean?

Beckarg (Verb): To have one's voice crack in a painful way.

Many a teenage Politician have beckarged when giving passionate speeches.

What does Goddare mean?

Goddare (Noun): a patently irrational action.

When asked what he could possibly gain from dressing up like a giant rabbit and attaching large quantities of helium balloons to his ears, he replied: "I want to fly. Admittedly, it's a bit of a goddare."

What does shmorange mean?

shmorange (Noun): A citrus fruit that is slightly more flammable than gasoline. It is thought to be extinct.

The isolated fire was thought to be the case of a shmorange breeder. This is a capital crime.

What does Krule mean?

Krule (Noun): A rule that is there just to enforce misery on others.

"Attention students. School uniform policy states that a certain rule must be followed: sweaters and blazers must be worn at all times during school hours. That includes break time in the summer term."

The students groaned at the reminder of such a nasty krule.

What does zjikorziki mean?

Zjikorziki (noun): Used to describe the abominations created by disturbed Japanese Horror artists.

As he turned the page, Jason let out a hearty laugh as his eyes fell upon the most bizarre zjikorziki yet.

What does Ginge mean?

Ginge (noun): A mythical beast made only of orange hair which hunts down insects that are on nearby lettuce leaves.

George believed that he could create a Ginge by cutting off his hair and putting it in a bowl surrounded by lettuce and dead flies. Unfortunately, the ritual failed because George had blond hair, not orange.

What does Klieftar mean?

Klieftar: (Proper noun) A Russian city that is known for it's production of stamps.

Yuri was going to Klieftar because he needed an rare 1984 stamp

What does tashmal mean?

Tashmal(Noun): A mythical dragon that has nine tails. Kinda like a kitsune, but much better because it's a muthafuckin' dragon.

"Ha! Suck it, Carl! My tashmal just crushed your puny kitsune!"

What does hellgoating mean?

Hellgoating (Noun): A practice similar to those of the ancient Celts during Samhain, instead hellfire is used, goats are driven between the flames and is not linked to purification, but rather corruption.

"Fireworks, Guy Fawkes effigies... and now hellgoating? Everyone wants to scare my poor Billy." John said as he patted Billy, who bleated in response.

What's a Uy-Uy?

Uy-Uy (noun): The half constipated half diarrhea poop you get when you eat something strange.

I shouldn't have eaten that burrito last night. It gave me an Uy-Uy.

What does Skwixle mean?

Skwixle (Noun): A strange piece of confectionery that is a Skittles-covered twizzle affixed to an axle.

"It's good until you get to the metal part." Bobby said as he handed Sally a skwixle.

What does waikudes mean?

Waikudes (noun): A variant of kudes, so called for their wailing habits, due to their ingrowing tusks.

The sorcerer spun on his heel and walked awkwardly away as if to immediately deny his involvement in mutating the howling Waikude.

What does Yamagraph mean?

Yamagraph- An exclamatory phrase meaning I'll bash your head in with an iron pickaxe. Used among underprivileged youth as a way to ward of potential attackers.

"Give me all your pocket change kid"

"Yamagraph buddy >:("

What does Cuetse mean?

Cuetse (adjective): Used to describe something the beholder sees as cute but is not by popular opinion.

Headsprouters are so cuetse.

What does skark mean?

Skark (Verb) The act of tripping and then breaking into a light jog to disguise the fact you just tripped.

Damn I Skarked in frount of Judy. What a arse.

What does the fox say

Sorry... What does fandsing mean.

Fandsing(Verb): The act of fan-dubbing a song.

"Yeah, I am a fandsinger. I fandsinged Caramelldansen, Fukkireta, and Watamote's opening." Jeremy Hue replied to us. It seems fandsinging is becoming a quite popular trend.

What is the meaning of funization?

Funization (Thinging) [UK: Funisation, old chap]: An act of a Government whereby one side launches turkeys at the other whilst they are trying to elucidate their rebuttal to a motion. Should the opponent falter in any way with their rebuttal, or fail to dodge a turkey, said rebuttal is immediately quashed and the law passed into immediate effect.

What is gonnywobbling?

Gonnywobbling (verb): The art of manipulating ones uvula to perform complicated tasks.

Did you see Jonathan make that sandwich the other day? Sure, it was soggy, but he sure is talented when it comes to gonnywobbling!

What does malthusenist mean?

Malthusenist (Noun): The opposite of an enthusiast, that is, someone who hates something so much that it offends their very senses.

Whether my mum sees me playing a video game, I have to stop her from destroying the hardware with a baseball bat. It's almost like an allergic reaction; such a malthusenist.

What is mathscthuli?

Mathschuli(Noun): Eldritch math, commonly related to the Elder Gods and other being of a higher plane of existence.

"What with this guy?" Doctor Erwin asked. "I do not know," his assistant replied "He tried to solve a 'Mathschuli', a bunch of odd scribbles and symbols."

What is the definition of Ninjer?

Ninjer (Noun): A person in the profession of a private investigator dressed as a ninja.

Grant felt like he was being followed, so he quickly turned around only to see someone in a ninja mask quickly duck behind a bush. It was clear that someone hired a ninjer to follow him.

What does walakid mean?

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