Serial Killer Round 52: Nostalgia Edition. Game Over. Killer Victory. (Cycle 10)

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*examines Bubble Wrap Brand Bubble Wrap*

Hey! These are just cardboard made to look like bubble wrap! And it has our store logo written all over it!

Death scene finally! Sorry for the wait, hope it doesn't suck.

*gets a wee bit angry*
*slams door behind him in rage*

Is FPLOON trying to leave the room while we try to find out who the killer is? That must mean FPLOON is the killer! Get him!

@username sucks: Not going to lie, that sounds like something the killer would say.

@Barbas claiming that someone else is the killer? That must mean that you're the killer!

@username sucks: See previous comment.

Will the blood of an innocent be on your hands before the end?

@Barbas I hope so, I definitely want to trick everyone into executing the wrong person.

@username sucks and @Barbas Quick question: HAS THE WORLD GONE MAD??? I'm starting to think I'm next on the chopping block of death!!! (Or worse... But, I try not to think about that right now...)

Can I interest y'all in some cardboard defense? Mayhaps this cardboard suit of armour? It's lined with the latest in cardboard tech that's cut-resistant against razor sharp object. Guaranteed to protect you from harm*!

I'll give you a 10% discount for the self-assembly kit!

*Guarantee applies only to harm inflicted by sharp objects of feline nature

The killer has struck. Check your inbox.


Hi! RaNDM G here with exciting news! BubbleWrap Brand Bubble Wrap! is expanding into the afterlife nearest you! You heard right! The same superior protection that would have saved your past life is now available in a store nearest you! Only 10% above market value! No longer bother with inferior, manufactured cardboard products! Our stock of BubbleWrap Brand Bubble Wrap! is comprised of only the finest, consumer-friendly components that only exclusive deals with infinite suppliers can provide! Do not let these deals pass you by! Call in now, and secure your next-life today!


Can you put a price on protecting your immortality? Yes, you can! Only 10% above market value! Only $999.99 for a set of five sheets! Use the keyword BUBBLES with any purchase of our synthetic Orca security options, and we'll custom-tailor your very own whale patterned sweater as our gift to you!



Keep warm in the winter season, and show a little appreciation for the lifeguards watching your shore! Call in today!


OMG Must have wowe!

As someone who has joined the ranks of the recently diseased deceased, I find this offer much interesting and un-pass-upable. Man, those shlubs and their pulses, thinking they're so cool and protected in their cardboard. You know I know bubblewrap is where it's at!

10% above market value? That's a steal and I'm surprised you can live[1] with yourself knowing you charge prices like that. Take 2,000 of my finest wing-wangs for five sheets and I'll not hear a single word in protest.

[1] Well, not *live*, but you understand. Please excuse the poor choice of words.

Where will you get your cheap high priced cardbored? Send me votes.

The plot thickens, I see...

We watch and wait.

*points to cardboard stand*

Well of course they will get it here, where else would they get it?

I still think that the killer is RaNDM G. He murdered himself. His rampage will never stop.

Or maybe... Maybe I'm the killer! I obviously killed him in revenge for taking my purchace from Staika and selling me sub-par bubble wrap.

Or even worse, we are all the killer! We must execute all the killers by killing everyone!

@username sucks:

You're both the killer (Dissociative Identity Disorder).

Obviously, I'm the real killer. Nobody expects the guy that died first to be the one behind it all.

@FPLOON Seriously I think you're the killer so I am going to keep you alive as long as possible. If I vote for the real killer, I've made a mistake.

@username: Wait, so I was the killer until I killed myself, then RaNDM was the killer until he killed himself.

Egad, I think you're on to something! Pay close attention to the next person to die. You might get a clue there.

@username sucks *sighs* Look, just because I'm a wizard who can't be trusted to do a simple murder or two does not mean I'm the killer... (Also, no matter who you vote for... We all lose... Think about it...)

Now that I think about it, I'm starting to think you, username, is the killer and is saving me for last... just so that you can kill me when I'm at my peak insanity!! *eye twitching with awkward chuckling on the side*

sometimes I love you guys

P.S. @Staika i'm still waiting on those ninja stars so I can join in on the murderfest

@FPLOON I don't see how I lose if I've already outlived 3 people. I consider that a victory.

However, my goal is that by the end of this game only me and the murderer will be alive, if that's even possible. That means that I would evolve due to the Darwinian idea of survival of the fittest.

I think that's how it works, anyways.

@MemLCol What do you mean, "sometimes"?

@username sucks I have no idea what you're talking about... But... If it's just you and the killer, then are you planning some kind of "Mexican Standoff" or something?

@MemLCol TBOT Uh... I think you mean "always"... *narrows eyes*

@FPLOON I plan on having the killer sink his blade into my chest last. That is all.

And as a person of Science, I have confirmed that dying last will cause me to evolve into a superhuman.

pssst, You should kill MemLCol for saying that

@username sucks I would have said "Reverse Highlander" logic, but that works too...

pssst, Who said I was the killer? I'm just a wizard with a haiku obsession...

@FPLOON I have confirmed that you are a killer because you have your twitter badge as your first badge. Only a true monster would feel proud of using their Twitter.

That is how I know. Now go kill him already!

EDIT: I just noticed that your avatar is based off of Kingdom Hearts. I feel ashamed for not noticing sooner.

@username sucks DAMMIT! And after acquiring better badges that would me more better to showcase, I have yet to sit down and sort the first five in a more better state than they are now! GLOB, AM I FUCKING LAZY!!!

Besides, don't kill me until the fifth cycle... so that my alibi is both twisted and untrue...

(And, wow... All it took was for my avatar to be upside-down to notice... Yes, you should feel ashamed... KILLER!!)

@FPLOON I mean sometimes! -Brandishes Cheap Styrofoam shortsword- damn staika not having stock

@username: that avatar is an abomination to all things good in the kingdom hearts universe! damn Brony's my little pony isn't even Disney!

@MemLCol I neither love nor hate MLP but the thought of going to the MLP world as Sora just sounds great to me.

@FPLOON I thought we made it clear that you are the killer! Get it right.

@MemLCol TBOT And, what percentage is your perspective on "sometimes", then? *pulls out his wizard haiku pencil* Surprise me with your statistics to counter my pending haikus, dude!

@username sucks How can I be the killer if I'm being told who to kill by the "pending victims", user? That completely undermines being the killer in the first place!!

Besides, it's not like the actual killer is killing in any sort of pattern or something like that! That would ridiculous!!

(Note to self: Re-watch the movie Clue... It might have a... "hint"... or something to solving this mystery...)

Edit: Forgot I saw the movie Clue yesterday...

@username goplay kingdomheartsII pridelands, playing as sora lioncub is hard enough, at least lions have claws. imagine playing as a pony. no thanks.


My Percent
is the number seven
you fool man

@MemLCol That was one of my favorite parts! I don't really know how the ponies would fight. Maybe kicking? I don't know, I have never seen the show.

@FPLOON You are the killer, I am your accomplice. Obviously.


How dare you say that!
That's not even ten percent!
What's you damn angle?

@username sucks Then, by that extend, we could of had two killers and an accomplice... But, SOMEONE ended up getting himself killed by someone I probably don't even know... (unless I did and have not yet put 2 and 2 together... like if they killed themselves or something like that...)

And, by the way to the both of you, Sora would either hold his keyblade in his mouth, his front hoofs (if he were to stand on the two back hoofs), or from the magic of his horn if he were a pony of any kind...

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