Serial Killer Round 52: Nostalgia Edition. Game Over. Killer Victory. (Cycle 10)

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Serial Killer Round 52

Ok guys, time to go way back in time when the RP and games forum was one in the same. A time when Serial Killer only had 3 roles, that's right only three. For the most part the rules will be the same. So put on your 2011 gear and let's go back in time.

1)Staika Executed Cycle 9
2)Mortis Nuncius Executed Cycle 8
3)Morsomk Murdered Cycle 4
4)T0ad 0f Truth Murdered Cycle 10
5)Jak23 Murdered Cycle 6 Medic
6)Nouw Killer Winner
7)RaNDM G Murdered Cycle 2
8)Pm0n3y Murdered Cycle 8
9)NeoACMurdered Cycle 3
10)username sucksExecuted Cycle 4
11)Redlin5 Executed Cycle 6Spy
12)deserteagleeye Executed Cycle 7
13)SchizzyMurdered Cycle 7
14)Link_to_Future Murdered Cycle 5
15)MemLCol TBOTExecuted Cycle 7
16)Teoes Executed Cycle 1
17)FPLOON Murdered Cycle 9
18)Neuromancer Executed Cycle 3
19)Barbas Executed Cycle 2
20)Dirty Cop James funs Murdered Cycle 1
21)PsychicTaco115 Executed Cycle 5

Yay new round! Hopefully I won't die really early now! Regardless, sending in number now.

Well, I'm glad I won't have to worry about getting the Entwined role again. Number incoming!

Count me in, I am somewhat hopeful that I won't die so early this time!

I'll try it this time. Always seem to miss join times.

*tips euphoria fedorabley*

May I partake in the festivities, m'ladies and gent[le]men?

@Psychic Just send a number in va PM to me and you're good to go.

@Psychic: New blood? Haven't had that in a while. *sharpens knife*
Don't forget to tell all your friends.

Welp, it's happening. Number sent.

Now that we have some more people time to open shop.
*Clears throat*

Come one come all and get your super high quality cardboard here. Our cardboard can do whatever you want it to, from being a blast shield to being a sharp object with which to stab your victims with. We cover a wide range of uses and all for a very low price. So please stop buy and buy shit.

Ok guys, start getting your friends in on this. I'm not starting until I have 12 or more people.

Haven't been on this side of the forum in a while.

@staika: Every day I see my dream... And it is cardboard.

*buys entire stock*

I've been meaning to start RPing for a while now, this seems like a good enough place to start, even if it is more forum game than RP. Sending in my number now.

@user this really isn't an RP. We'll just say random shit to each other.

@Michi: Or do random shit *hucks charred carcass of a bronco at Michi*

Anyway, number is sent.

Traditional SK? I am in. Number sent.
Let's not let Neo murder everyone again.

Sorry. I did not know we started a new game. Busy celebrating Chinese New Year and all that.

Number sent.

Gsauce it's been a while. Let's get this murderball rolling again. SENT.

@desert: Murderball you say?

I can't wait to get started.


It looks close enough to an RP for me. To start with, anyway.

So, is it standard for this kind of thing to respond with the @ thing instead of quotes? I was just copying what everyone else was doing.

@RaNDM: Why thank you for your purchase, you will be very happy with it!

@Schizzy: We better hurry and steal buy more stock, we're gonna need some more now.

@User: Yeah we really only do @ replys to people, since quoting is for squares yo. Though the only real Role playing you need to do is when you die and have to write a death. Everything else is just general chatting.

@staika: Okay then, it still sounds fun. I just took a look at the last round.

And... dare I ask why you are selling cardboard? I mean, it seems like such a strange thing to sell jut because a serial killer is loose nOW PUT ALL THE CARDBOARD IN THE BAG THIS IS A ROBBERY!

Oh, you're out of stock. Well, it was all just a joke. A nice, February fools joke.

@User: Oh you are so funny trying to rob us. Good thing you are kidding or I'd have to call in Schizzy and his army of ninja cats. Then I also have an army of cardboard tanks so don't try to fuck with us, we crush all the competition.

But if you want to buy something then please wait till Schizzy brings in our next shipment!

Hmm...jumped forums on me. >.>

*number sent*

@Link: I like seeing this in FG again. It is nostalgic.

sorry i'm late ^_^ number sent! lets see if link gets medic again. 3rd times a charm eh link?

@Neo What the fuck man. Go fuck a moose. They're asleep so it should be easy.

I need one more person people

@Liz: You need one more people, person?

*hucks charred carcass of a bronco at Michi*

*giant marine based bird of prey observes act from overhead, emitting a boisterous scream* So, who's hyped for Captain America: The Winter Soldier?

@RaNDM yea and then we can get this round started.

@Pm0n3y: Eh, too poor for movies now.

I just invited someone. With any luck, we will have that last person soon.

Hai guiz! Some idiot with a stupid sucky username suggested I sign up, so here I am.

I PM a number to GM, yesyes?

...Is this the costume party? I brought my wizard robe!

PM away to GM!!

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