Serial Killer Round 52: Nostalgia Edition. Game Over. Killer Victory. (Cycle 10)

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@Barbas: Indeed, rather crass of him.

@MemLCol: What kind of baguette?

@Schizzy: A sour dough baguette perhaps?

@T0ad 0f Truth: Baguettes are overrated. Too crusty and French are they.

@Barbas: But they're great for hitting people with!

@toad. people like girls? i like to throw things at girls

@MemLCol TBOT: Girls?

Ew, girls.

I'm not sure how I'm going to suck on a baguette. Is there soup to go with it?

And can I have one that wasn't used to hit girls?

You guys are making me hungry and lonely. :/

I want to eat girls and date baguette but neither of those things are happening in my life!

@Red Cheer up man, there is a bread roll out there for you, she may not be a baguette, but hey, then she wont be french

So, is there going to be a hideous murder or what?

@Barbas: The killer is trying to find the Frenchiest person here, he hasn't found him as of yet.

@Dirty Cop James fun: In that case, I reckon it's either Nouw or FPLOON - They sound French as onion salesmen!

@Dirty Cop: Redlin is canadian! They have Quebec! Need the killer look further?

@Mr. T0ad: Canadialand is a very big place, they'll be looking for a while.

You know, I have to admit that "Canadia" rolls off the tongue much more easily than "Canada". Someone made a mistake when it came to naming that country.

@topic_of_girls I'm a girl guys.

@Lizmichi: But you're not on the menu right?

And I found some bread but it was moldy so I turned it down.

Wait... Lizmichi is bread? ...I don't get it! What kind of bread?

Also, I don't sound french... I'm just part of the F.R.E.N.C.H[1] club, though... (I kinda wished there were more members, though...)

[1] FPLOON's Room of Eleven Numbers and Canon-filled Haikus

Seriously, you didn't know she's a lady?[1] It's on her profile.

[1] Woah, woah, woah...

check your inbox. The killer has struck.

@Michi: not only did i know you were a girl i also knew you were a 7/10 and with boyfriend, boyfriend who is a 4/10 in appearance which means you must love him thus no one here would dare offend you by treating you like an available woman. that would be rude. also you should change your facebook pic back. -stalked-

@everyone else: Not dead whoo

I'm kind of amazed that I'm not dead yet. Maybe it's because I'm the killer?

@MemLCol: Count me among the living too.


@Barbas Profiles? I don't read those because I already know that they're a person... Now, if they are a person AND a type of bread, for example, then maybe the profile would elaborate more on that notion... (or if I end up accepting their friend request...)

Also, to all Hollywood executives, DO NOT even think about making a Clue movie reboot! I just got done watching that again the other day and, damn, this movie's more clever than I ever remembered!

Goddamnit Schizzy!

That's right, I've emerged from my 6 month hibernation! Fear the incoming onslaught of dick jokes and puns!

@Jak23: Buns. Hahahahaha.

@Mem I'm happy with my FB picture, and my ex-fiance' and I are taking a break.

So is the killer gonna murderfy someone or...

Did they just have no loved so no one found the body? What... what uh... do we umm... do?

Wait? Ok then.

I have cards against humanity if anyone's interested.

@T0ad 0f Truth: What is a cards against humanity?

I am also dead, CAN YOU DIG IT?!

Oh my J-O-S-H... The butl- I mean the waiter has been murdered! How will we ever get our drinks now???

Looks like it's about time to put the power of democracy to work!


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